Monday, July 6, 2015

With the flip of a coin*

It was in the late 90's, MGM Studios Theme Park, Orlando, FL.  What started out as a regular day for me turned magical with the flip of a plastic coin.

Backstage we were all getting ready for set. You and your family were probably just coming into the park.  Like most you found your way to my set.  It was ten minutes until set time, so I got myself ready.  By this time you were already in line, waiting wide eyed with anticipation.  You must not have know which direction I would enter from as you were looking straight ahead.  I gave everyone the signal to hush and not give my presence away.  They complied.  I tip toed right up behind you and placed my hands over your face.  You gasped.  I lifted my hands away and turned myself towards you, but you just stared with mouth frozen open.  Then after what seemed like a short eternity of you standing completely still... you blurted out a hello and immediately went into your obviously preparedness of meeting me.  You showed me your wallet that you brought containing your life savings.  You also had something for me in that wallet.  Something that you had saved all year to give to me.  Inside your tiny blue, what appeared to be plastic wallet, you pulled out a rather large coin.  It was plastic and was made to look like a USA Silver medal (downhill skiing).  One of those prizes from a cereal box.  I was thrilled.  You just wanted to meet me and give me the gift you had brought from home.  It was one of the most magical moments I had, and I've had many magical moments.  But this was special.  You made me realize how special I was.  How lucky I was to be doing what I did.  I was speechless (as usual).  So I held it to my heart in a show of thanks.  But then you wanted to walk away.  So I nudged my assistant to get your parents to take a photo.  I hope that memory is still magical for you.  I'm guessing you are in your early twenties now.  Most say I still look the same, but I don't like to talk about my age.  I hope life has treated you well.  You made a regular day in the park for me quite magical, thank you.

I still have the coin.