Wednesday, March 20, 2013


People often ask me what I miss about living near Boston.  My usual response is the food & family... you just can't get fried clams or pickle pizza anywhere & it's a bit of a drive for visits.

But there is so much more I miss.

I miss the smell of the ocean first thing in the morning.  The sound of the waves splashing on the rocks. The way the sun softly glows during sunrise in Spring when the mist rises off of the cove.  I miss squirrels (here they are generally coyote bait).  I miss the smell of Fenway Park... I miss Fenway Park.  I miss hopping on the Bat bus to Ashmont to catch the Red line into town.  I miss fresh filled cannoli from Modern Pastry on Hanover in the North end.  (OK that was food but we're talking cannoli here;)  I miss rustling the leaves as I walk down the sidewalk.  I miss sidewalks (though Bisbee has sidewalks, where I'm currently residing does not).  There are many things I miss.  Some that do not have any comparison to here, but there are many things I do not miss.

I do not miss the hustle.  Back home everyone seems to set their clocks ahead (& I'm not talking daylight savings time).  People are always in a rush... trying to catch a train... racing down the highway to beat the inevitable traffic... pushing... shoving (& you wonder why I talk fast).

Here you can easily escape the hustle... heck you can escape civilization.  Sure there are prices to pay~ I no longer get to shovel snow, sit in traffic, get smooshed against a stinky stranger on an overcrowded subway car, nor do I feel the constant urge to flip the bird, but I am able to hear myself think other than at 5am when the city is just pouring it's 1st cup of coffee & that my friends is a glorious thing.  It's amazing to look up at the sky at night & actually see the stars... billions of them!

I will always miss my ocean, fried clams, pickle pizza & the loved ones that I now only see once a year.  But I will never miss the anxiety I often felt on a daily basis trying to keep up with the frantic pace of city life.

The desert may have it's ups & downs, but right now it's new to me... I am ready for the experiences that are just down the road... even though it's a dirt road that sometimes washes out during monsoon season.


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