Sunday, January 6, 2013

Think again~

A good friends mom passed away.  It upset me.  I know it upset her, they were very close.  My natural reaction was to give her peace & quiet.  I didn't feel it was right to be posting my normal rants & raves when someone I cared about was feeling such grief.  I was wrong. 

Apparently what we think isn't always whats right.  We often view ourselves differently from how other view us.  Here I was thinking my rants & raves would be rude or annoying, when it was the exact opposite.  Who would have known that some random posts that I feel are insignificant have meaning, but they do.  They provide an escape to those who read them. 

So the next time you think that your rants & raves are insignificant... think again.  You may just be helping someone out by just being you.

~ in memory of Linda Duffy