Thursday, October 18, 2012

no direct flight home

So this past August I flew home to Massatucky to visit my family & go on a traditional pub crawl with my BFF of 30 something years.  I arrived at the Tucson airport for an early flight.  This of course did not sway me from hitting the bar for a preflight beer (I'm not a fan of flying & this is my way of relaxing before a flight).  I'm thinking I have plenty of time before boarding when I hear my name over the intercom.  So I chug what's left of my Boston lager (go figure) & scoot over to the gate for boarding.  The flight attendants were quite comical with their instructions on what to do in case of an emergency & they offered a choice of snacks without limitations... then I got my connecting flight.  The flight attendants were dead serious (seriously... I think they were possibly droids) & only one snack... peanuts.  I'll never understand the peanut thing.  Heck they don't even allow kids to bring PBJ's to school anymore due to allergies & yet on a small enclosed area such as an airplane seat row... they serve 'em up like their the best snack on earth (that would be Smartfood w/a glass of Limeade if anyone is wondering).  I finally arrived at Logan early the next day (it was after midnight).  I was home.

The next morning I woke with a tight chest, wheezing & within minutes was experiencing an asthma attack.  I had been having them for a few weeks in AZ, but since I have no insurance... I did what any iGirl would do... I asked for help from my friends on FB.  I got help from friends in the form of inhalers & prayers.  GREAT SUCCESS
But here I was... home realizing that the inhalers were no longer working & I had no time to wait for prayers... off to the ER I went.  I have to give the Brockton City Hospital credit for all their help in keeping me alive.  Someday I hope to be able to pay my $2,600 bill, but until then I can only shower them with praise.

The attack did throw a kink in my planned trip.  The Pigs Eye Jazz night ended up on the chopping block... sorry Pigs Eye:*(

The first day was now a day of rest.  I mean I did spend most of it in the ER with tubes up my nose, masks on my face & IV's in my arms... I was quite occupied.  So I spent the rest of the day under the care of Mom.  The following day was Thursday.  I had originally planned to visit POW tattoo in Worcester but needed another day to rest.  So under Mom's care I stayed.  Friday arrives.  I borrow the 'rents car & take off to Worcester.  Tyler is an old friend of the hubby's & mine... he was giving me a cock on my foot as a gift (it's an old Sailors lore:  cock on the right, never lose a fight, pig on the knee, never drown at sea)... well now with the asthma the never lose a fight had even more meaning.  The work took about 2 hours & then I was off back to Brockton to visit my brother's family.  I headed over there, we had dinner & watched the latest Harry Potter movie.  Then it was back to Mom's to rest up for the pub crawl.

Since Kim was down the Cape with her Dad, they came by & picked me up to drop us off at the T.  We headed into Harvard where we had booked a quaint little apartment for the night.  We found the place, met the owner & dropped off our bags.  Let the pub crawl begin.  We took the owners advice & began at a nice pub just down the street.  Then it was off to our old stomping grounds downtown to meet up with friends & family for a night of beers, beers & more beers.  Somehow Kim & I ended up with a bachelor party at the end of the night.  Even took a limo ride with about 20 strangers where we were all then kicked out.  This is where it got ugly.  The person who had booked the limo was unfortunately an asshole & quite confused by his intoxication levels.  He became quite nasty, insulting my friend & insinuating we were hookers.  So naturally I went to kick him in his scrotum region when he caught my foot.  Probably for the best... last time I got into a drunken confrontation I ended up with a boxers fracture.  Yes we drank a lot.  Needless to say Kim & I stuffed our faces at the cousins brunch the following day (I was even tempted to eat bacon).  But all in all it was a GREAT night.

A GREAT night followed by a GREAT brunch (I have the best family) & the rest of my visit was pretty GREAT too... even though I missed some friends & family... there were family members & friends I did not  expect to see but was incredibly happy I did.  I was able to enjoy some wonderful seafood & of course a pizza or two (ok 3) from Town Spa Pizza (OMG they are so good)!  I even got to catch up on Glee (TY Netflix).  Then it was time to fly back to my little parking spot on the planet... at the sidewalks end.  The only bummer is there are no direct flights... what's up with that?
shown:  actual size

I'd also like to add that the price & size of a cocktail on Southwest Airlines is RIDICULOUS!  $5.00 plus tax for a dixie cup with ice & a drop of booze... WTCocktail?!?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

emotional turmoil... OOOOOH LOOK... chocolate!

Emotional turmoil... that is what I've been... can one be turmoil?  Or is it just the motion of the confusing path my emotions have been on lately.  I'd love to just scream as loud as I could, but that would not only cause unwanted alarm.  Instead it bottles up... occasionally leaking out my eye sockets once in a while if not seeping out in a bitchy remark to those I love.  STRESS.  Life is stressful.  It shouldn't be, but it is.  Life is also emotional.  This is the part I both love & hate.  Much like chocolate... OK I always love chocolate, but sometimes it's too sweet & sometimes too bitter... just like life.  Perhaps that's why chocolate makes me feel better.

Today started out in emotional turmoil.  The stress of our living arrangement is getting to me.  I long for the day when I can use my own bathroom & not have to feel the need to ask to take a shower.  I long for the day when we can have privacy.  My steady is my job.  Sometimes I don't like it.  Sometimes people do & say stupid things that make my job unnecessarily complex.  Sometimes I feel like a doormat that people just want to walk all over & wipe their shit off onto.  Then sometimes someone brings me cookies & says that they would only return if I were still here.  sigh... those are the times that I cherish.  Those are the times that are like emotional chocolate.  I need my job to be my steady.  I need my emotional chocolate.