Saturday, September 22, 2012

jeans & sweaty eyeballs

It's not so much the weight gain & loss in the appearance sake that bothers me... I mean I never had an ass to begin w/so no one noticed when it was large for a short while... but the riddance of unfitting jeans was painful to my vanity (they made my butt look good).  Had I known that it was my thyroid acting up (or down in this case) then I would have hung onto them. 

If it's not my thyroid that is causing me minor stress its my menopause... who named this unfortunate decade in a woman's life?  Obviously not someone who actually when through it.  I never thought I would know what it felt like to have my eyeballs sweat... but now I know.  Not something I had down on my bucket list. 

I need chocolate.

The 40's of life... I can't say they have been better than my 30's (I mean I've only just begun them) but I can say this... they are HOT & not in a Paris Hilton kind of way.  Luckily the heat has not been severe in the Summer months as it has in the Winter... this I am sooooo grateful for (especially since my doctor said to be prepared to be going through the 'pause' for another 7 years... WTMenopause?!?) 

Well that my friends is this menopause in my life... If you are going through the 'pause' as well... my condolences.