Monday, August 27, 2012

backstabbing bitches

Backstabbing bitches... this was not a phrase I grew up with... that's not to say they weren't around... I just wasn't aware that I knew any~

It wasn't until I got older... some say blossomed... that I became aware of such creatures.

One would think that with age a woman would mature... become more aware of her surroundings... of the environment... of basic kindness... but alas this is not how all woman are... I guess one could argue not all woman are created equal.

It saddens me that these people exist.  I was lucky.  I had REAL friends.  I have REAL friends... but I have also been stung by the perpetual ugliness of the backstabbing bitch. 

I could sit here & call out all those who felt the need to drive their steel cold hearted spike into my backside but I'm also one who believes in Karma.  I know that these people (for gender sake I'll call them women) will remain ugly both inside & out.  They will never know happiness... they will never know true love... they will only know how to drive an emotional spike into those whom they wish they could be more like.  So to all you backstabbing bitches out there... go on with your bad self... Karma has your back;)