Thursday, July 26, 2012

random post of the day's to come & OH

Holy crap my birthday is in 4 day's... other than my asthma & the few pounds I've gained... I don't feel much older.  My thoughts have been on my trip home... it's been too long since I've seen mom... the kids... the ocean.  I am excited to go, but dread the flight (I hate flying)

I leave on Wednesday & arrive 5 minutes before Thursday.  GEESH... talk about a long flight (ok I do have a stopover in Chicago) but still... it's a long flight.

I'll get to visit w/one of my brothers on Thursday, Salem on Friday, Pub crawl w/Kimbro & crew on Saturday, ladies brunch on Sunday & then a few day's w/mom & a day trip to Maine (somewhere in there I have to surprise Dad... perhaps @ his DD meeting;)~ so my trip is not so much a vacation as a visitation... I have a lot of people to see in a short time.  I wish all of us were going together... driving across country w/the boys & RAQUEL all pimped out... but that takes time & the dreaded ongoing topic of money.  Don't get me wrong... we are doing well... better than most these day's.  But it's not like I have 20,000 sitting around to pimp our trailer out & I do have a job... so I can't take a month off to take such a trip.  So a plane ride or two will have to do & then we will work on Buster getting out there to visit as well as get the rest of our stuff.

AZ is AWESOME!  So many of my friends & family have the wrong impression of desert life.  Yes it gets hot, but not Phoenix hot... Phoenix is over 3 hours drive away & that's not including the stops by border patrol (yes I live that close to Mexico)

The high desert is the life.  We get GREAT weather most of the year & then in the summer we get the monsoons.  Crazy quick rain storms w/thunder & lightning.  These usually cause flash floods, but as long as you are on high ground (& so far I believe we are) your ok.  The one thing I do not like about monsoon season is the bugs.  It unearths flying insects & I've also seen 2 tarantulas (one thankfully was smooshed in RAQUELS door... must have happened during an eve bathroom run... ICKY)  But the monsoons also bring out the groovy creatures like lizards (my mother in law is not fond of them, but I think they're cool)
The BEST part about monsoon season... the scenery... it really makes you wonder whats out there~

So yeah... I'm loving the desert life.  The scenery is FABU & so far most of the people I've met down here are FABU too.

Well that's my update... I just typed this out at random... no initial thought process... I had actually hopped online to see if the latest Glee Project episode was up on HULU (yes I'm a gLeek)

Happy Day everyone... may good things come your way providing your  not an asshole;)

OH... & I got a round trip for under $500!  CRAZY AWESOME