Friday, June 29, 2012

flying under 500

Next Friday... next Friday is when I can finally get my ticket to Boston.  I'd like to fly for under 500 & hopefully my wait will not cause me to pay $500+... that would totally suck.  I don't like flying in the first place... of course I've never flown in a personal jet... that I probably would like... who wouldn't... but flying in general sucks. 

The monsoon season is beginning.  We've been getting thunderstorms every day & it's been hitting 100 quite frequently, but it cools considerably at night.  Hector is the only one of our boys that does not like the heat... of course he is also overweight.  Speaking of weight... mine has gone up.  Living w/the in-laws, getting fed rich foods everyday, not walking to work (I would so be coyote bait) & drinking lots of beer have given me almost 10lbs above my skinny ass weight I've had for the past 15years.  I don't mind it so much.  Of course I wish the weight would fall in two places up front & not sit at my waistside... and having to get rid of all but one pair of my jeans kind of sucked... but I can live w/it.  It's giving me gumption to exercise more & take walks uphill on my break during workdays.  I need to not partake in the goodies w/guests at work, only coffee & keep my portions of normal small person size at night... lessenign the beer & candy will be hard... but I CAN DO IT... now only if I can find a roundtrip for under 500~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

it's cheaper than therapy

So the workers comp whatever it is called agency for the state of AZ sent me to Tucson to see a psychologist... I thought it was to help me w/the PTSD I've been suffering from due to the dog attack @ Going to Grandma's... well it wasn't... all they wanted to do was make sure I wasn't crazy (the verdict is still out)... so we made the hour plus drive for nothing... it was so annoying & yet even after I told them all I wanted was to see someone to help me w/the PTSD... they did not listen.  I feel like I have no voice.  Now they want to send me back to Tucson to see a hand specialist... WHAT FOR?  I told them it's working & I'll live w/the scars, but all I want is to talk to someone (like a professional) to help me deal w/the PTSD... oy vey... well my hubby decided to take matters into his own hands & found me something that was cheaper than therapy... a puppy.  So last week we drove to tombstone & got Oscar.  He was 4 months old & weight just over 3lbs.  Now we have 3.  My 3 sons.  I can't have children, nor do I want to have children... if by some miracle I did, then by all means I would, but since I can't... I have dogs & they are my children.  I love them.  They bring me joy & happiness in a time when life is not as easy as it once was.  They give me purpose & help me see the beauty in life.  They give me hope.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

getting settled takes time

I know it's been a while... but I've been settling in & I had some anger (the whole hand thing) to get over before I could sit down to write.  So many times I wanted to vent about my feelings... wanted to bash the negligence of my former employer... wanted to make them pay for causing me pain & PTSD... but that would only put my pain into cyber space where it would eventually bite me in the ass... or other hand.  So instead I just focused on my new job, trailer life & getting back into taking photos.  I finally had one of my shots printed on aluminum.  It came out pretty nice.  I've even had a compliment from a stranger  who didn't know that I was the iPhotographer.  It felt good.  I hope to have more of my work printed & maybe actually sell a piece or two.  That would be most fabulous. 

Well... I know it's been a while, but I do have a job now & need to get back to it.  This is more of a post for me than you... I needed something to get me started... something to go from... two months is too long not to blog... now I just need to figure out where I go from here~