Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 times the charm

I sit in Raquel... its a beautiful day... still I have only seen a few hummingbirds... its been more of a desert cardinal day... yet both have something in common with my 1st job in AZ... red.
Hummingbirds are attracted to red, cardinals are red & I had to wear a red top as a floor person for Target. I didn't stay working for them. They wanted full availability but wouldn't offer full time hours. So I took a second job that became my only job... until I was attacked by a dog... realizing I could not go back to work at such a place... I found job #3. 3 times the charm I say.
It isn't only because its job #3... but I had 3 interviews before I got hired. Its a great job... a lot of responsibility but its right up my ally.
I'm an Innkeeper. I take care of an 8 room Inn & its guests. Its a half hours drive along the Mexican border but I love the job... & with the amount of Border patrol on my route... I feel very safe with my wicked Bostonian accent as its been mixed with some southern charm;)
Oh yeah... & our doors are red.