Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a windy V day

The winds started picking up last night... trash night.  Unlike back where I lived in Salem, there was not much trash blowing around.  They use these large barrels w/flip tops.  Then the truck comes by and an automated arm reaches out to dump the trash... it's very Jetson's like.

Last night we went to dinner w/the folks.  It was at the oldest building in the city.  It used to be a brothel... I think we ate in what was once a boudoir.  It was a nice dinner.  I had a margarita that pretty much did me in for the night, but all is well... it's my day off.  Which brings me to my update in life on this windy V day.

I now pick up dog poop for a living and I LOVE it.  Not the poop itself, but the job.  It's hard work (in the  manual labor sense), but it's meaningful.  I've been working there for about two weeks now and the hours are picking up as well as they asked if I could do any afternoons.  I of course said yes.  The afternoon shift is not as labor intensive as the early AM shift.  They don't scrub the walls of Picasso.  They exercise the dogs w/the occasional poop pick-up.  I will still keep my early AM shifts as well, since I need to work as many hours as possible to have the funds to pay our monthly bills.  I do hope to be able to make beyond that so that we can also get RAQUEL up to FT living standard.  She made it here and that was it's own blessing... being vintage and all.  We too made it... that would be in thanks to my husband for his amazing driving skills:)  Now it is up to me since I have the local job, to work as much as possible to get us through this tough time.  So high HO, high HO... a picking up poop I go~

* w/that I'd like to say thank you to those who helped make this journey so far possible~ w/out you all we would not have been able to do this when we did. TY for this wonderful Vday {{{HUGS}}} & peace~ T