Saturday, November 26, 2011

menopauses in life

So here I sit... in the warehouse.  It's Saturday & there are no jobs today.  So it's pretty much just me & a bunch of crates. (the hubby & boys are outside in the trailer, I'm taking me time, filling the warehouse w/the sounds of Glee:)  I've been having the weirdest dreams lately.  I should have noticed the signs & the date, but w/all the moving I wasn't paying attention.  So needless to say I shouldn't have been surprised when I began to ball when I realized that last night I had accidentally put the cooler into it's heater mode instead of cool.  Woke up to warm cheese, warm condiments & warm leftovers.  I sat there on the trailer floor... balling.  How could I be so stupid.  I've now wasted (or so I thought in my moment of distress), a whole bunch of food.  Thanksgiving leftovers & other items left to feed us through the weekend.  The hubby came in, saw me in my disheveled mess & asked why I was so upset.  I told him I ruined all our food... that I plugged the cooler wrong & now everything was RUINED.  He (not on the rag going through menopause... ie:  level headed), told me that it was nothing to cry over.  I of course retorted w/a 'Well I'm broken!' snap & continued my sobbing.  He then told me that it wasn't ruined, it was just warm.  It'll be fine.  Somehow that was all I needed to hear to snap me out of my stoop.

These are my menopauses in life.  I don't enjoy them.  I feel utterly out of control & the slightest wrong doing upsets me beyond belief.  But they are part of life.  I know many women take drugs to control their menopausal moments, but then they miss out on such comedy.  I mean really.  If you could have seen me on the floor.  You would have thought that I just witnessed a murder or something severe.  The fact that my husband can look at me in such a state & still love me.  He understands.  He may not ever understand the amount of pain one feels in their uterus, but he is sympathetic.  Of course he is a bit grouchy first thing in the morning... but so am I:)

So here I sit... in the warehouse.  I've passed another menopause in life.
Until the next one~

Friday, November 25, 2011

a SMURFY Thanksgiving

We had a SMURFY Turkey day, got turkey breast ON SALE (hubby biked to store & got us a FEAST for less than $30... we even have leftovers... gobble gobble goodness), he boiled up some regular & sweet potatoes then I mashed up the regular w/butter... we left the sweet potatoes in in chunks & drizzled them w/VT (we brought it w/us) maple syrup. I made a salsa w/what we had (OOOOOH CREATIVE) & it came out pretty good (one tomato, a small zucchini, 1/2 an onion, some olive oil, salt, pepper & 2 drop of sudden death hot sauce)... we also had beer & pumpkin pie!

It was a great day, the only thing missing was family. One of my bro's was in NYC at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade... lucky bastard;) He text me this photo later in the day, knowing my love of Smurfs. He might have even been the one who got me hooked on Smurfs, but I cannot remember. I do know he's the one who gave me the confidence to walk away. My condo was under water financially & condemnable due to water damage that the condo association had no means to fix nor did I. I was drowning in more ways than one. I tried all avenues for assistance, but after 2 years of negative response I was lost. Then I got a call from my bro. He told me even if I got help to save my condo, I would NEVER gain any value from it other than a place to live. If I was 20 years younger, sure, but I'm not. Walk away he said. So I did.

Now I'm living my American dream. We own our home. Sure she has no running water other than the leaks when it rains, her propane system is non-existent at present & she always needs a place to park... but she's ours. So a HUGE Thanks to my bro. He gave me that confidence I needed. He pushed me out the door & onto wheels... he's so SMURFY;) I'm thankful for having such a GREAT family & lucky to find someone to share them with who is a master at the grill:)

*SMURFY [adj]: something that makes you happy but its still blue

Monday, November 21, 2011

MAINE memories

We've technically been on the road now for 10 days. We left Maine on 11.11.11

Getting out was tough. On the 1st try out of our Aunts steep, narrow w/water on both sides, dirt, leaf covered driveway, the wheels started to spin. Buster had to back down the driveway w/RAQUEL un tow when he was 1/2 way up. He then had to go at her w/faster momentum so she would make it up & out. We all watched nervously from the house. He did it:) I was impressed, even more so after the torrential weather we drove through once out of New England.

We'll miss Maine. We'll miss our frog pond view. The daily duck wake up call & bird watching. Firefly hour. The fresh eggs from the chickens. The cows, even though they scare the shit out of me. Dog racing w/Vegas. Kid time (big & little) Talks on the porch w/the family & of course the family.

Until then Maine will probably be covered in snow (something I wont miss) I pray that not only we have a safe journey, but that those we left in the snow will stay warm all Winter long.

The photo in this post was taken by my cousin in Maine while we were all watching Buster on his 1st towing of RAQUEL. See you in the Spring cousin:)

I'd also like to publicly thank all our Family & Friends, without whom's help we would not been able to do this. THANK YOU!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

America runs on

Dunkin... & I am their poster child.

Well... we made it to NC. It was not all peaches & cream, but we made it safe.

Our 1st stretch of run was to MA, we still needed to attach 1 sway arm & put some things into storage. The sway arm was a bitch, it took longer than expected (even w/help) & ate several drill bits.

Since we were in MA we got to visit w/family. My cousin even sewed me up some curtains & I'm so glad she did. Living in a parking lot increases your need for privacy.

So the 2nd part of our journey was to PA. This is when the adventure really began. We had done quadruple checks to make sure everything was ok. You can never check enough. Well as luck would have it we still had loose ends so to speak. Somewhere in the Catskills someone flagged us down & let us know we lost our end panel. Yes thats right, the one w/our license plate. Told it was about 2miles back, we took the next exit, turned around & began our search. Luckily we found it, a little banged up, but found. We did more checks & then continued on our trek. A couple of rest stops later we noticed we lost a 1/2 of panel that covers the water heater. Since we had no idea how far back it could be, there was no sense backtracking. Once in PA, it was apparent that the wheel wells need to be sealed as they soaked the floor from the wet roads.

Wet roads... & so began the 3rd part of our trip. Not only did we drive through VA during torrential rains, when we were going through the mountains we hit MASSIVE fog. You couldn't see 10' in front of you at times & the hilly, curvy mountain way wasn't helping. My palms were sweating. I was so nervous. We had to put the flashers on just so we could be seen. Buster did an amazing job getting us through. We made it. We may have lost a panel, had water damage & are still living in parking lots, but we are in one piece.

The dogs got used to the travel & I'm getting used to only a couple of showers a week. We don't have wifi & that kind of sucks... ok not kind of... it sucks. Its not easy typing a blog w/1 finger on an iPhone, but at least I have that. Heck I have a whole lot more... I got family... I got friends... I got monkeys (dogs) & I got a roof over my head... a leaky roof (& yes, there are more leaks... AHHHHHH) but its a roof.

My apologies if my thoughts seem
scattered... I blame the tiny screen:)

The adventure continues... one finger post at a time;)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

my 11.11.11 wish

So tomorrow is 11.11.11, the day we were supposed to be leaving New England, but instead it looks like we'll just be getting out of Maine.  Not only has Mother nature been a bitch (really, I'm sick of her emotional distress & I'm done sugar coating it), but we've also had technical issues.  We finally got the correct hitch, but were unable to attach the sway control bars (they require drilling 16 holes & it's not something the hubby feels comfortable doing).  So we called the closest RV place, but they are booked solid for the next week.  Luckily we have found a place w/in a 1/2 hours drive North (go figure) that can attach them tomorrow morning.  We also have to get side mirrors so it's not a total loss.  So the plan now is to get her all set tomorrow & head to MA, where we will spend a night or two before we head South.  Until then we sit... in the rain yet again... tarp over trailer... trailer hitched to Jeep... waiting.

 A lot of people see 11.11.11 as a lucky day.  I hope it is for our sake, as selfish as that may seem.  I'm not a fan of snow (unless is drowned in sugary syrup & stuck in a paper cone) so my wish is to get the heck out of Dodge before Ma nature decides rain is not enough punishment for us residing on her planet.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the end of October

Time to turn the clocks back & head into winter... WHAT?!?  yeah no... That is not what we plan to do... although Mother nature & the forces that be seem to have another idea in mind.  It's already November, we've had our 1st snow storm & I didn't even score a bag of candy.  The weather has been raining every other day making it impossible to fix the new leaks we seem to acquire w/each falling drop.  Then of course it turned to snow for Halloween.  If Mother nature wasn't bitchy enough, we've got parts problems.  We purchased the hitch & sway control bars, but the hitch was not of the correct weight.  We called the parts place to see if they had the correct one in stock, but of course they didn't.  So we now have to wait until Monday to see if they have it in stock in their warehouse.  If they don't then we have to find the correct one somewhere else, return the incorrect one, then have the correct one installed.  The good thing is that the sway control bars fit either size hitch.  This did bum me out because we were planning on taking RAQUEL out on her 1st run this weekend & not sit in a chilly trailer waiting for the weekend to end.  (le sigh) To top things off, I dropped my iPhone into the toilet.  Good grief!  I am a living Charlie Brown.  The good news, ATT was offering a deal where you can get a 3GS for free as long as you sign another 2 year contract (why is it always two years... hmmmmm), so I did.  It will be nice to have a phone again.  I never realized how attached I was to it.  I use it to find out the weather, news updates, tweeting & to find my husband.  OH!  & we also put the bed back in.  So the weekend was not a total loss.  It's been nice living in Maine, but I cannot wait to leave.  I don't do snow well & I've already had enough of it this year.

So that was, is & forever shall be my end of October.