Thursday, October 27, 2011

news & cookies

The end of October is near.  Moving day is upon us yet again.  Mother nature has not been kind, nor was the 1/2 ass window job done by the authorized Airstream service center in NH.  Lets just say they screwed it all up.

I have yet to compose my disgruntled thoughts into a well thought out email to Airstream themselves.  We're not looking for a solution.  We have come to learn from experience, that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  I do however, want to let them know of the shoddy work/repairs, so that they will no longer send other owners to said authorized service center for such.

We are pushing the envelope of time.  A few more drops in temperature & we will be dealing w/Jack frost.  Not something we want to do.

Family & friends have helped us out tremedously.  My cousin has had GREAT response to my possessions I commisioned her to sell on eBay & we also have a place to stay while in the South that will also allow us to save up gas money.


Soon we will leave the cow pastures behind & trade them in for desert sands.

In other news~  I made a glorious discovery.  OREO's are available in a family size box.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

menopause me cookies

So if you haven't gathered by reading my previous posts... I sway from the curb of adventure to the menopause of life.

Why they call it menopause I do not know... meno sounds so small... so meno.  I feel more like a MONGO.  BIG & bloated.  Course that could be the tall PBR.  What else is a girl to do out in the middle of nowhere (OK, Maine is not the middle, but some would say it's nowhere), no car, just car chasing ducks, duck tackling dogs & some loud ass chickens.  I'm not even hungry (that's a first)... although I could go for some cake or cookies.  Is this what my life has become?  A massive craving for cake & cookies?  Or is this just a pause... a menopause of life.  I really wish the pause would pass... I've run out of cookies & I don't see any in my near future.

If you suffer from menopause & want to help another from suffering, please send cookies to:

the trailer on Rustic Pond
bout an hour up the turnpike

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Day

Its Spirit Day... a day of self-worth... LOVE & understanding.  A day to hold hands, {{{HUG}}} & be proud of being yourself.  

So many of us are stuck on image.  We think we should be what we see.  What is labeled pretty or normal.  But if everybody was pretty or normal it would be boring.  There would be no artists... no entertainment.  Life would simply be existing & not living.  I'm glad we have Spirit Day.  I'm glad that there is a day to show everyone that it's OK to be yourself.  That everyone deserves love & no deserves hate.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Two years ago I had a high paying job, a condo in the city & a crappy cell phone.  Today I have no job, a trailer in the country & an iPhone.  One piece of technology that has changed so many lives.  One piece of technology that is part of the happiness I feel today.  Happiness for technology.  Yes.  It keeps me connected to those I love when I am far away.  It helps me share what I see with the world no matter where in the world I may be.  It holds my memory when I am confuzzled.  It is my supplemental brain.  Thank you Steve Jobs.
RIPeace~ T