Thursday, September 29, 2011

in the rain

Here I sit in Raquel.  It's raining once again.  Seems like it rains when I want it to be sunny & its sunny when I couldn't care less.  Why must Mother nature be such a bitch.

Speaking of bitches... I Skyped w/my mom today.  She's not a bitch... OK she can be... but in general she's quite a lovely lady.  It was kind of comical & I has wished I grabbed the flip vid.  (Watching mom squint at the computer screen from the web cam's viewpoint is priceless!)  More in the news of bitches... my best friend comes tomorrow for the weekend.  She too is not a bitch, but can be.  It's Mother nature who's the bitch.  She's planning rain for the entire visit... bitchy I tell ya!  I'm excited for the visit, but do wish we were going to have a nice dry night so we can toast marshmallows while discussing how to save the world from the evil clutches of corporations.  OK... we don't really get into vast discussions on economics... we usually talk comic books & chocolate... both of which could save the world.

This morning I was really wishing we had the bathroom in working order.  It sucks when you are drinking coffee.  Makes me have to pee a lot & that means a lot of walks in the rain to the house.  It's not far... 50'... just rainy.  The dogs don't understand.  Sanchez kind of gets it... he'd rather sleep all day when it's raining.  Hector on the other hand... he's not as bright... but he's so gosh darn cute.  If he were a chic he'd be a cute version of Snooki.  OMG  I can't believe I just typed Snooki! 

I've been watching a lot of HULU & YouTube.  So I'm now up to date, but a week behind, current events:)  So here are my questions:  
  • Is Palin running for president or is she traveling the country selling stripper poles?
  • Why are people so upset that Chaz Bono is on DWTS?  It's not like he's going to show his nipples.
  • How many more foods are going to be recalled until we finally realize that Twinkees should be part of a balanced diet?
& last but not least...
  • If the face of FB is Mark Zuckerberg, then who is the twit of Twitter?

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So as I was sitting about to enjoy some cheese & crackers that I just picked up at the Shop & Save... I realized I had had the cooler set on heat & not on cool.  OOOPSIE.  which got me to thinking about other ooopsie's.  Raquel ooopsie's.

After the hubby & I did more research/question asking on Air Forums... we found out that silicone is NOT something you ever want to use when in contact w/aluminum.  OOOPSIE.  I had recently put some on the smaller un-opening window corners.  I have since removed it.  Thankfully it did not cause any damage.  Unlike the hole that the authorized service center we had her at to get her windows replaced.  They did such a 1/2 ass job IMO.  We thought we were done w/them... I mean we are... but their crappy fix keeps rearing it's ugliness (they're oopsie's).

First we had the problem w/the large window, which has since been resolved.  Then it was the massive re-cleaning I had to do once they left their scraps & dirty paws all over her (seriously it looked so gross, partly I'm sure because they said a bird had got in & made a home).  Now it's a leak from a screw that I pointed out to the fix it dude that was missing.  It was like having a place to stick a straw to suck in fresh air (insert sarcastic snarl here).  They did replace the screw but apparently they never sealed it (which makes me question what they did seal since it seems they basically only replaced the gla$$).  It must had giggled loose on our trip out here & then fell out... just in time for Irene.  So basically along w/our other leaks we had to deal w/a tiny waterfall coming from a hole in our trailer.  I was PISSED.  But it was a holiday weekend & there was nothing we could do.  I was going to compose an email to Airstream, but so much time has already gone by & we have been doing our own work (full ass'ed) to fix all our leaks.  LOL... oh & to top it all off the owners manual they sent us was the wrong year.  That error has since been corrected, but yeah... what a bunch of OOOPSIE.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

post boring

I must be one of those people who's emotional health is effected by the weather.  It's like my brain is flooded with drippiness.  How boring... and that encrypted itself into a boring post.  I can't believe I didn't mention my melons.  Buster took a picture of them & we text it to a friend.  She liked them.  We enjoyed them.  They were not what we thought... I expected them to be pinkish in color... but they were yellow.  We thought they were bad or something, but oh were we wrong.  They were absolutely delicious.  So good we went back to the farm stand & got two more (they were buy one get one free!)  You would think one would get sick of melons... NOPE & now I know that the water ones come in yellow as well.  OH... the strawberry rhubarb pie.  I just love pie.  I can't believe I didn't mention the pie.  It didn't last long.  This pie was AMAZING!  Kind of on the splurging side for us, but it was so worth it.  The only thing that would have made it any more amazing would have been ice cream.  That is a luxury that will have to wait until we get a refrigerator & this pie really didn't need anything but a fork.  We got cheese's, chips, hummus, salsa & cookies.  It was like a holiday... oh wait.

Then the rains came.  And since we had gobbled down all the wonderfulness... I let the drippiness consume me.  I didn't even accomplish any of my online endeavours.  I wasted the day's away... dripping & catching drips.  Falling asleep to drips & continuing that cycle for 4 day's.  Now the sun is shining.  Hopefully it'll stay nice for a good 4 day's (what is this thing w/4's?) so we can clear off the old sealant & affix the VULKEM to stop the drips.  (see what I mean about emotional health via weather) The dream would be to get this baby off it's frame & do the entire floor over... but you can't live in a dream... OK maybe you can... but I kind of like reality... even with the drips.  OH sunshine... how I like thee on my shoulder... care to stay a while?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

order of things

No sense in putting the bed in before the floor & no sense in putting the floor in if we still have leaks.

So here I sit... drip drip drip... mother nature can be cruel... this time she's just teasing... we were very lucky during the storm... we are still very lucky... just drippy.

It kind of reminds me of the condo... drip drip drip.

We finally got the sealant needed for the outer shell.  I'll just be happy when we don't have wet floors when it rains.  No wet floors means we can put the flooring down & then the bed can come back in.

YAAAAY the bed.  Not that sleeping on the floor is all that bad... I'm just over it.

So I sit... drip drip drip... catching raindrops as they fall from the ceiling... at least my kitchen pots are getting used for something.

One more day of rain... one more day... I think I just heard another drip... sigh... gotta go~