Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rut be gone

Finally... a sunny day.  This won't be a long entry since I need to take advantage of the good weather.  I've been in a rut.  Letting the weather get me down.  Letting our finances get me down (which is stupid considering how many people are actually starving in the world & I'm here on the Internet).  Letting my unemployment get me down (I was turned down for LL Bean, didn't get called back for the grocery store & no word from ellen [I'd be such a good intern]).  Missing Buster (which is kind of selfish because he's working to support us).  I've felt very useless & unable.  The weather has not been helping... rainy... drizzly... damp.  I need to get out of my rut.

But it's finally a sunny day.  I'm going to take advantage of it.  I'm going seal the corners of the lower windows since the forecast calls for more rain.  I started to teach myself guitar.  I must say, it's not as easy as I thought (pressing the strings is rough on the fingers & some of the chords are difficult to maneuver), but I found some lessons on YouTube to help me out before I start on the books.

OH!  & yesterday I made guacamole... it wasn't so bad... no fresh cilantro... so... yeah... rut be gone!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

another rainy day

Another rainy day.  It's the 3rd day in a row Buster has not been boated for work.  I've applied to the two jobs in the area... one at LL Bean & the other at the local grocery store.  So far I haven't been called back for either. 

Since Buster has had a few day's off, he's got some stuff done around the trailer.   He cut & affixed the floor patch in the large hole we had near the nose.  We also got down to Brockton to pick up the free flooring my brother had for us.  It's a bit musty smelling from being in his garage, so we'll have to steam clean it before we can install it.  Even with the cost of renting a cleaner, it's still cheaper than buying flooring.  He also found out that he can register the trailer here in Maine even though his residence is in Arizona.  CRAZY. 

So there ya go... it's been raining... a lot... so we haven't been able to do much.  Murphy's law I guess... we have the time but Ma nature isn't cooperating.

~on a side note... for shits & giggles I applied as an intern for the ellen show... pointing out the fact that we could park our house right on the lot which would mean I'd always be early for work as well as be able to make ellen a fresh cup of Joe each morning... so far I haven't heard back from her either.