Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've never been so happy:)

I sit here... a year older... less stressed... less money... enjoying a delicious breeze as it flows through the trailer... yesterday was my birthday... it wasn't the best... it wasn't the worst either.

I can't really pick out the best or worst from my sporadic memory.  This year it was liberating.  I left the condo for good.  We moved what remaining items we wanted to keep into storage, taped the keys to the door & walked away~ (they are changing the locks tomorrow)
Then we headed over to a secret garden for a BBQ.  We got there quite late, but there were still burgers to be had.  salmon burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers & regular good old fashioned hamburgers (you could add cheese at your discretion)... it wasn't for by birthday, but it was nice to have some celebration amongst the work we had to do as well as visit with some friends.

Now I sit here... older... the stress of city life far behind me... a horrible credit rating to follow me for the next 7 years & a cooler filled with nothing but condiments. 

I've never been so happy:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

better than a tent or a cardboard box

So I thought I found the cause of the damp floor but B showed me that it was from the holes where the antenna used to be attached.  They were covered with tape but the tape was all dried out & letting water in.  So last night we covered the holes with a plastic trash bag (classy:) & then to solve our roof vent leakage... B put a tarp over the top.  He tied the one end to the curb side (the side with the door) & the other side he staked out so it wasn't right up against the windows.  Of course while on the ladder putting the tarp up... he got to see what the leak was actually from.  A PO (previous owner) had done a crappy job sealing the roof vent.  I got up there too & took a peek.  It was crappy all right.  You could tell they just sealed over old sealant instead of cleaning the surface & starting fresh.  Well that is a project for a nice sunny day... perhaps my birthday.  I'm not sure what I'm doing, but with all our leaks... we need to fix them ASAP.  We also have a few more items at the condo (now owned by the bank in transit to someone else or however they do auctions) & those items will be got by end of week... my birthday... kind of a birthday present to me... not getting locked out:)

Here is B taking part of the antenna off so we could affix a ghetto patch (plastic trash bag)... I had already made a tiny one (lower left portion of photo) for the actual puncture... made it out the bag from a bag of napkins (thank mom)... B got her all patched & covered right before the storm hit... it was nice waking up dry after a torrential rain:)  It was nice waking up in RAQUEL (even though we are sleeping on her sub-floor)... it's better than the tent... or a cardboard box.

*on a side note~
the local grocer here puts items on the discount near the end of day... so I usually go to see what's up for the pic-kin's (they usually have bananas & bread items)... last night they had ANGEL FOOD CAKE... so I snatched it up (almost had to go Brockton on another shopper, but she put it down... obviously not a lover of the AFC as B is)... got some strawberries (don't get all excited, they were frozen) & whipped cream... had ourselves a lovely trailer trash sac for dessert (strawberry angel cake:) I put bananas on B's... it was like a sundae w/out the ice-cream.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

leaks... they're just a part of life

wicked rains last night... had leaks in expected places & one mystery place... :(  suckage... & of course it's going to be raining all day so there is nothing that can be done at this moment to stop leaks... kicking myself for not doing the roof vents yesterday... instead finished sanding floor... which is now damp at the nose... ugh... such is life... (hears drip in bathroom)... & we have another leak.... ugh... this one is obvious... it's the window... not the glass which they replaced... it's coming from the top of the frame... (checks other window tops where floor was damp)... AH HA! but that still doesn't account for mystery leak because that window top is dry... (sits down to think about it... hears loud drip... investigates~ goes outside finds drip... adjusts rock guard & gets soaked)~ it is wise not to stand under a rock guard when you are lowering it if it has been raining all morning unless you want an impromptu bath... but I think I may have found my source of mystery leak... the drip was falling on a seam that probably needs new sealing... the whole trailer should get new sealing & it will as soon as we are able... the roof vents will get done on the next sunny day... hopefully tomorrow:)

the rest of my morning was spent sucking out water from the tent... which had a side blow in last night that resulted a little wading pool... thankfully the only box that got soaked contained waterproof items... re-staked tent & hopefully it'll stay dry through the rest of the rains

*on a side note... I Googled myself the other day & found the public notice of the auction of my condo... good thing we have a trailer to live in... leaks & all

leaks... they're just a part of life

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday... birth... Airstream

my birthday is Saturday... I want to go to the Airstream store.

I also want to see my mom (tradition:) & family... but I want to go to the Airstream store.

I want to share my birthday w/my hubby... he wants to go to the Airstream store as well.

We have been sleeping in RAQUEL for over a week now... using the tent as a giant closet:) we still need to patch the floor but are sanding it first... not as easy as I thought... but I get to use power tools... WOO HOO!  one of my brothers has some flooring for us... another plus... handouts are always helpful & I'm not so proud that I'll turn down a good thing.

I've posted a couple of videos... they kind of suck... oh well... it lets my mom see what I'm doing & that's all that matters... mom... haven't seen her in over a month... I miss her.

I haven't seen my friends either... I've been down to Salem twice, but both times was busy w/moving... that is something that I will no longer be doing.  Buster will get the remaining items & I will stay clear of the squat.  The bank owns it now. 

I own nothing... except the clothes on my back & some crap in a box.  Buster owns RAQUEL... technically;)

OH!  We got stabilizing jacks... she has no more wiggle... well only a little... I swear we are on a fault line.

Well that's my update... nothing much... just a lot of dust & empty beer bottles.

remember... Saturday... birth... Airstream;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Life is good in Maine

Growing up in Brockton gave me a tough skin (so I'm told) a street smart... not something that comes in handy in Maine.  It's rather laid back up here.  The boys can run around freely, although piggy monkey has taken off twice now so he gets the leash.  There is no trash pick up... you bring it to the dump yourself (we have not done this yet as my cousins beau has been doing the dump runs), and there is no bus beeps to wake you up in the morning... just sunshine & croaking frogs.
Life is good in Maine.

I have been a bit homesick... missing friends... missing Major burgers... but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

As opposed to my self incarceration in the condo... I can type my blog while looking over the frog pond while the summer breeze rustles the leaves... ahhhhh Nature's music.

There is still work to be done.  Today I must finish washing the grime out of the bathroom & get some curtains up.  Buster removed the fridge (it did not work) and let me tell ya... that was quite the task.  It was bolted to the floor, screwed to the cabinets & riveted to the wall.  It weighed a TON (well not really a ton, but it was wicked heavy... even for my Hercules of a husband)... so needless to say we are using a cooler that works as a fridge & for frozen stuff we are using Auntie Sharon's freezer... YAY AUNTIE SHARON!  Actually there is nothing we use in the trailer except electricity.  The lights work & the floor makes a nice bed... better than the tent:)

We will fix the sub-flooring this weekend, cover it w/some flooring my brother has for us (LOVE THE HANDOUTS), re-seal the lower windows & roof vents.  There will always be something that needs to be done... the bathroom for one.   That will be a BIG task... along w/replacing the sub-flooring down the road.

So there ya go... my update. 
if you want more day-to-day updates... check out (my micro-blog), there I post pics as well as re-blog other Airstream/green living posts that inspire me.

as always... thanks for reading~ T

Monday, July 11, 2011

love test

Well the move went well... & is still going well (we still have storage items waiting to be moved) but for the most part we are moved... in fact on Thursday I'll become a Maine resident:)

We got the old tile flooring ripped out & in the process found a hole in the sub-flooring.  UGH.  This, however, did not seem to phase Buster, he was expecting as much.  I was living in a euphoric state of hope.  Now I'm living in a tent.  It's not that bad really.  It would be nicer to be living in RAQUEL, but not with the hole (you never know what creature may be wanting to welcome itself in the holy entrance).  So we are doing what we can in the mean time.  Since Buster has to work during the week, I'm getting as much as the grime out of RAQUEL as possible (it's like as if she's not been cleaned in over 40 years), washing windows, removing unwanted window sills & keeping up with our daily life (laundry & chasing dogs). 

Everyday there is something to clean, fix, remove or change... but one thing remains constant... us.

I am thankful for that.  There is no hole, leak, break or imbalance we can't handle... this has truly been a test of true love.