Sunday, June 26, 2011

the lee of the stone


RAQUEL has been moved to the lee of the stone;)
she is safe... but the road there was filled w/stress & anxiety... there are still things that need to be done... still things to be moved... including us... but as of July 1st... this is HOME SWEET HOME~ many thanks to those who helped make is possible.

Friday, June 3, 2011

my brief history

born ass first summer of '69
was drinking out of a cup at 6 months
did baby stuff from ages 1-4 (educated guess)
learned to do the hustle at age 5
had knife held to throat at age 6
started playing the piano at age 7
got punched in stomach by a boy at age 8
lost my cousin at age 9
changed name to Trez at age 10
sliced foot open & got 36 stitches at age 11
got 1st perm at age 12
got braces at age 13
then came HS (4 years of singing Madonna & Prince into my hairbrush)
ran away at age 17
came back before I turned 18
went to college
had my appointment w/Mother Superior
(yes... I was going to be a nun) but then... I lost my virginity... sorry Jesus
studied Theatre until they cut the program... switched major to math
started working for the mouse
became wicked rebellious & tore my way out of the box
drank a lot (by this time I'm 21)
left for FL... ROAD TRIP
eventually got transferred to the parks
got proposed to in front of Cindy's castle... said yes (PRESSURE)
moved to Canada
got married
moved to FL
got divorced
turned 30... kissed many
experimented with drugs... interesting... lucky
went to Europe... saw London, Rome & Milan
made out with an Italian in a garden gazebo in Milan... broke language barrier
came back to states... robbed some cradles
left the mouse
moved to OH & lived with friends
moved back to MA & lived with Mom
then I met Buster:)