Tuesday, May 17, 2011

caving in to get out

Stay strong (aka:  stubborn) or cave in.

I caved.
I reached out & asked the help of the ones I detest the most.
Those whom I feel the world might be a better place without.
I asked a lawyer.

I had to do it.  The condo is in foreclosure, but they keep sending me new re-modification applications (the original one they approved was only for one of my loans, increased my monthly payments & was kept in my maiden name... WHATEVER).  The city is looking for tax money on the property (which they have valued at a far, FAR cry above what it's actual value is), the association is looking for condo fee's (we've been paying the same amount for 2 people while the other units have had 4 or more each... hmmm... but we still owe them money & that is making our living here very tense), and the IRS would also like piece of this non-existent money pie.  So... hi ho... hi ho... it's to seek out a lawyers help I go.  I just don't want to walk away  & then have this ugly giant cloud of debt dooming over me for the rest of my bad credit labeled life.  Sometimes you've got to cave in to get out.