Tuesday, March 22, 2011

paper trails

Well we're still not entirely passed this latest road block. 

The United States is not so united when it comes to vehicle registration.  Trailer registration to be exact.  Since RAQUEL is over 40 years old, the state of Massachusetts doesn't require a title when they consider a vehicle vintage... RAQUEL is considered vintage.  They only require a bill of sale.  Problem is we're not registering her in Massachusetts we are registering her in Arizona since that will be our home base.  Arizona wants a title.  So now we must follow a paper trail to aquire the title before we can go down the road to real life.  I just hope the scenery isn't as boring as the DMV.

On a more interesting note... Buster has begun the journey home with the TV.  YAAAAAAY!  While he was in Arizona he met the dudes from Million Dollar Road Trip.  He & pops got a tour of their Airstream.  How groovy is that:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

cha cha cha changes

Happy St. Patricks Day to anyone who wants to be Irish or Drunk... Happy Evacuation Day for those in Beantown... you lucky bastards;) & to those effected by the devastation in Japan... you are in my prayers:*(
text:  REDCROSS to 90999 if you would like to donate $10.00 to aid Japan via REDCROSS

Our nomadic adventure is almost on it's way... we will soon have our TV (tow vehicle)... she's going to be a silver Jeep (I've deemed her SOPHIE after Sophia Loren)... I think she's going to look sweet towing RAQUEL.  We still have other potholes to fill & a few road blocks to navigate through... but I am learning to be patient & eat healthier (I crack jokes about eating beans & rice, but they are really a good staple:) & I'm becoming more resourceful.

I have found out that face cream, if applied gently on a freshly washed still moist face, can suffice for eye cream as well (just don't get it in your eyes).  Older dish rags make great subsitutes for paper towels when cleaning more gunky kitchen surfaces & they're re-usable.  The Internet is a great source to update you on television shows, news, movies & the Red Sox.  The Public library is also nice (although I do recommend bringing hand sanitizer).  Best of all... it's almost Spring.  Lunchtime walks & just enjoying mother nature will be a welcome free activity. 

The one thing I am finding difficult is downsizing.  It's not easy to shred memories or to figure out which ones to save (for what exactly I don't know, but I'm saving them anyway).  We have items that will be going into storage, items going into the trash (recycling everything takes time, but it's worth it), items up for sale (some we're just giving away to friends, family & donation boxes) & then there are the few items that we can take with us.   It's not just a matter of what will fit in RAQUEL... we have to take weight into consideration.  We are extremely limited on the amount of personal items (including clothing) we can take.  We are talking serious downsizing.  The only clothing that will be going into storage is extreme Winter wear that I hope I never need again.  I'd say I'm storing my formal wear as well... but I only own a bow tie... & it's checkered... so I don't think that counts. 

We still have quite a bit to do... I'm mentally worn out... we've had so many ups & downs... even writing this blog about our future TV before it's here in the driveway is making me anxious... physically I think we're doing OK, healthier even:) but the mental stuff wears me out (the long crappy Winter wasnt' any help either)

cha cha cha changes

I feel like I keep repeating myself...

I'm turning into my mom...

how nice.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

a question of style

As I walk around my hood I am saddened by the amounts of trash tossed about.  It's Monday.  Trash day.  Recycling picks up every week.  It's simple.  You put your plastics, cans, bottles & paper into your blue recycle bin.  Then the recycle dude comes & empties it.  Voi La!  This concept seems to be difficult to grasp by the majority of my neighborhood.  Every Monday there are tons of garbage bags filled w/recyclables.  The city will not pick up these trash bags, yet the charming people in my neighborhood continue to toss them out every Monday.  If it's a windy day, like today, the bags get tossed about, tearing & eventually decorating the neighborhood w/pizza boxes, junk mail & milk cartons.  It's beautiful... if your vermin. 

I don't understand why people choose to be ignorant.  This is not bliss.  A trash filled neighborhood is not the American Dream.  Why do people choose to use such disposable items everyday.  Why do people choose not to recycle?  You don't have to clean the items before you recycle them.  Just give them a quick rinse.  It's not rocket science, yet so many choose to just dispose. 

What if you were disposable? 

What if God made you to just be used once, then tossed like a Dixie cup?  It would kind of suck wouldn't it? 

I challenge all of my friends & anyone who reads this blog to start recycling if you have not already.  For those of you who do recycle... keep up the good work.

Recycling is SEXY.
Tossing trash is GROTESQUE.
Which would you rather be?