Friday, February 25, 2011

GPS the story

Good People Suffer... it happens everyday.  Mother nature's forces causing destruction, leaving people homeless & helpless.  Poor people seeking employment abroad to help their families survive this difficult economy... only to be sold into slavery.  This world is not the kindest place... yet.
 I don't think that I'll see the world completely change for the better in my lifetime (I think things are going to get worse before they get better).  But I believe that what we do matters even though we wont see the results. 

I wasn't always this aware.  I used to just see what affected me.  I didn't care where my food came from as long as it tasted good.  I didn't care where my jeans where made as long as they made my butt look cute.  I didn't recycle... most didn't.  Ignorance is bliss & it was the age of vanity.  Mirrors were everywhere, but I wasn't taking a good look at myself.  I didn't realize that my everyday choices were helping keep this world unkind. 

Well karma had her say & I took a good look at myself.  I was enjoying the sparkle of life... blinded by it's shininess.  It was like as if I sold my sole to the devil to have a decent life.  This went on for many years.  I got to work for the mouse in entertainment.  Traveled.  Had love affairs.  Had heartbreak (but lets face it... those can be good times too).  Traveled some more.  Partied my ass off (I still can't believe I'm here after some of the stuff I did).  Eventually I returned home.  Found true love, but I was still living a vain life.  I had some posh jobs.  Went shopping frequently.  Dined out often.  Landed at the top of Customer service with my own office, staff & business trips.  I even owned a 'penthouse' condo in Witch City USA.  One of my best friends, a professional artist, painted a mural on the ceiling.  Life was good.  Too good.  I was enjoying life but not doing my part... so karma gave me a kick in the ass. 

I lost my job when the company I worked for went out of business.  Buster was hit on his bicycle when we were out riding .  Not only was he in pain for weeks, but he lost work w/out pay & his tire was destroyed.   The condo went into foreclosure.  I tried everything to save it.  Refinance, re-modification, hardship & even govt assistance... I was denied all.  Unemployment eventually ran out & I still had not found another job.  So I accepted my reality.  This opened my eyes.  I had been living in bliss.   It was time to change.

I started paying attentiong to world news & not just entertainment.  I read labels.  I educated myself on organics, cruelty free products, sweat shops & free trade vs fair trade.  I began recycling.  I started watching what I was eating & stopped partying like a teenager (just a beer now & then:).  Reality opened my eyes.  Sure my situation of moving from a 'penthouse' condo into a 22' trailer forced some things upon me, but I'm glad for that.  I'm enjoying how to live life for what it is & not just for it's sparkle.

I hope that my journey of reality is not over.  By that I mean that I hope I find my purpose.  I want to make a difference in this world. 

Who needs all that fluff & sparkle... Good People Sparkle on their own:)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's been on my mind a lot... on my plate a lot.  I can't complain (although I'm really good at it) because up until now I've lived a very posh life for the middlish class (maybe that's why it's so hard for me to give up celebrating payday's completely) so to keep on celebrating I must keep on eating rice.  Rice is a staple for most around the world... Rice is also a GREAT baseball player who last year was finally inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame & so my story begins...

It was a Saturday... we were being lazy & had crawled back into bed after walking the boys.  We were about to go back to sleep when Buster's phone rang.  It was our Buddy from Fenway... he wanted to know if we wanted to come to the game (to this question our answer is always YES).  He told us to get down there as fast as we could & he would meet us at the gate. 

We jumped in the shower... got dressed... hauled ass to the train station & caught the next inbound train.  Once in town we took a cab to the park.  We made our way through the crowd to the gate & were rushed up to the owners suite.


Not only did we have GREAT seats (right outside the suite over home plate), but there was a chef who was cooking breakfast to order, they had a buffet that they rotated throughout the game & of course there were hot dogs (the staple snack of baseball).  I felt like a queen sitting above the regular people eating chocolate cake off of a real plate w/a fork sipping a mimosa from a champagne flute.  This was the life (if only for one game).  This all because of Rice.  The owners knew they were going to be in Cooperstown NY for the day, so they offered they suit to their staff & family.  We were lucky enough to be considered as such. 

The day continued with surprises (most of which I have been sworn to secrecy) & will forever be one of the best day's of my life.  So you see... I have had some poshness.  Eating an extra dish of rice here & there to survive these hard times while still having a bit of fun isn't so bad... rice has been good to me in many ways. 

This has been my story of Rice... I hope you enjoyed it:) if you did, let me know & I'll tell you more of my crazy, sometimes posh, but never a piece of cake life... mmmmm cake... I wonder... can you make cake out of rice?

park this

February is coming to an end... YAAAAY!

We have come to yet another dilemma in our adventure. We expect to have RAQUEL back w/in the next two weeks. Now the problem is where are we going to put her. My fabulous idea of helping my Aunt out was quickly snubbed by city regulations (parking it there could get her fined... so scratch that idea). Campgrounds don't open until April & we still have March to get through.

So not only are we void of a tow vehicle (the thought of having to get a credit card just to become existent in the credit world is absurd)... we have no parking spot. Am I worried... not really. We've been through worse & this is only a minor road bump. It's not like we are stuck in a natural disaster, starving (although spaghetti is looking good right now), nor do we have disfiguring diseases (vanity sits upon my face)... we are doing pretty good considering the economy.

So that's where we're at. Buster has the month of March off & we will be packing it all up before the green beer flows.

until then... the question is... where we going to park this?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a wonderful thing

I feel overwhelmed with emotions lately. I know a lot of it is depression & the lack of chocolate. But a lot of it is just a new awareness of what life really means. It's not fancy clothes, diamond rings, fast cars & electronic gadgets (although I don't know what I would do w/out my iPhone)... it's family, friends, kindness to strangers & being aware of whats going on in the world.

Awareness is a wonderful thing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Watch out!

It's February... old man winter has been breathing down hard on us & his breath stinks!

It's been a struggle, living paycheck to paycheck, creating many rice dishes, eating a lot of beans (I think I'm getting healthy by default). We also put a few items up on Craigslist in hopes to aquire more funds... so far no bites.

I've always been one to believe things happen for a reason. Last week my Godfather/uncle passed away. This hit me hard. He was the 1st in my parents generation to go. It's a hard dose of reality when those of your parents generation start to pass. Makes you realize that life is short & family is everything. If we had left according to plan... we would not have been here for the family & that would have made me very sad. And sad doesn't go well with rice.

Friday is payday. Buster will make another payment toward the work done on RAQUEL (he's been working every change he gets). We will be moving into her come March weather or not we have a tow vehicle. Where we will park her for the month of March is still under question (campgrounds don't open until April)... April... Dad is coming here in April. So again... things happen for a reason. Since one of the main reasons to head to AZ was to spend more time w/him.

So yeah... plans are moving slow, but they are moving forward. Despite all of our current road blocks & potholes... I am thankful. We are weathly in love, family & friends. We may eat a lot of rice & pasta over the next two months, but @ least we have rice & pasta:) There are so many people in the world who have less than that.

So in closing... I'd like to say thank you to all who have helped us out in every way. We will make it... we will cross the country... I will dip my toes into the Pacific ocean. Just not sure when.

West coast... watch out!