Thursday, January 27, 2011

a dream is born

I was born in the summer of 69... my parents had already planned their summer camping trip & they weren't about to change it just because they had another kid. My dad was a carpenter... so he took one of the fold out beds in the pop-up (tent trailer) & crafted it into a fold out crib... genius. I was 2 weeks old on my 1st camping trip.

Although camping with Dad ended when he re-married (his new wife was not the camping type)... camping continued with Mom & her new husband (who was the camping type).

Every summer we would go to a different historical location & camp there for almost two weeks (the length of stay depended on how long it took us to get there & if my step father liked the campground). We went to Gettysburg, Washington DC, Cooperstown NY (Baseball Hall of Fame) & we even saw The Old Man of the Mountain. We also went to camping shows. This is where I fell in love & began to dream the not so impossible dream.

It was a tiny little bubble trailer, but I was tiny so it was perfect! It had a tiny kitchen with a cute dinette, a bunk bed & mini bath. I grabbed the flier & took it home with me. I tucked that flier under my pillow every night (in hopes that my dream would come true)... until the next summer... when we went camping in VA & I met a boy. My dreams then switched gears & I forgot about my dream of owning my tiny bubble home... I now dreamed of having a boyfriend.

Long story short... many years, dreams & boys later... my bubble dream came back when the hubby & I spent a night in a vintage trailer. We found a dream we both shared. A dream conceived when I was just a baby... forgotten as I grew through life, remembered while I was feeling love & now given birth by circumstance

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sacrifice w/out squinting

is giving up eye cream a sacrifice?

that along with the face cream ran out... so to save on expenses (sustinance beat out soft smooth skin) we went for the cheapest cruelty free face cream & it'll have to double for both... I'm doing my best to stay stress free (as wrinkles are a luxury I cannot afford;) but it's hard when you know your going to be heading into the sunset, you have no idea how but you must & you have to do it without squinting

22' of life

there aren't any new updates on RAQUEL... other than we still don't have a tow vehicle... we're working on it... yeah... working on it... Buster has been working... everyday... trying to get as many hours in as he can before we have to leave... it's not a matter of if... it's a matter of when & HOW... while he's been working I've been slowly going through our belongings... shredding old memories (there is no room for such in 22' of home)... the amount of clothing I have for Goodwill is enough to open another store... one thing has become apparent... we have too much crap... collections of this & that... I need them Picker guys to just come by & pick pick pick... then the cleaning show can come by & tell me what a slob I am, forcing me by pure embarrassment to haul ass with a broom... but in this reality there is no show... just a slobby pack rat trying to shove her 41 years of life into 22' of life... will it fit

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

anxiety adventure

so after giving myself the weekend to cool down from the anger I felt over RAQUEL'S window work, I wrote an email to Airstream... this wasn't the best idea (especially since I did hit send before taking w/B)... it also would have been nicer to speak directly w/the tech dude, but my faith in the service center was tainted & I just didn't trust them... when all was said & done, an apology was made & the cost of the window will be taken off the next bill... TG! because the next bill is going to be wicked.

The good news was that the axle & tires are still good... she needs breaks, outside lights, some hitch stuff & her bearings packed... after which she will be legal & safe to tow... we are looking into a rental to get her across country & take it from there... I think whoever said adventure was exciting never had anxiety... or perhaps they were plastered & got the two mixed up