Sunday, December 25, 2011


We left NC on December 20, 2011 around 8 am... destination AZ.

Right off the bat we had trouble.  We were using Google maps to get onto the correct highway, but NC was lacking in signage so the hubby decided to rely on his natural gift of direction to get us onto the correct highway (YAAAY HUBBY)  Onto SC for some cheap gas.  Nothing eventful to report here.  Just smooth driving into GA, land of Giant peaches & traffic. GA... why is there always traffic in GA?

We stopped for some grub & relief then continued onto AL.  The roads in AL were so bumpy it was like driving a dirt road at 60 mph.  Then about  20 minutes from the MS boarder I noticed something looked odd in the side mirror.  The trailer door had flung open & was slamming against the trailer.  We pulled over & Buster did a quick fix w/some Zip-ties. Finally we made it to Toomsuba MS where we parked at a truck stop for the night.
When we woke we re-assessed our door situation.  The original plastic latch plate had broke & could no longer keep the door shut.  So w/some cardboard & another piece from some other latch, we fixed it.  (we also zip-tied the door for added protection while driving, this had to be done each time we opened the door for the rest of the trip).  MS was really muddy & we saw a pack of feral dogs pulling road kill into the woods (not coyote, wild dogs, one looked like a puggle)  Other than Mississippi mud (which really only effected the dogs pooping) MS was quite pleasant.  Onto Cajun country.  The first thing we saw once we crossed over into LA was a dead alligator & I must say LA was a great place to poop.

Then we got to TX.  We knew that TX was going to be the longest stretch of our travels.  We made a few stops here & there, taking in the scenery (I loved the wind farms), but we had no idea what were were going to be driving into.  We had successfully navigated around the rain storm that was on the radar for the GA/AL portion of our trip, but there was no way around the snowstorm that was in our path.  We arrived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, hit rush hour traffic & missed our exit.  Finally we arrived at the LOVE's (our truck stop of choice) outside of Ft. Worth TX.  When we woke up we saw that there was a storm on the radar, right in our path.  Since we couldn't go around it, we figured we'd just drive until we had to stop (our destination for this day was El Paso TX)  It wasn't long when we had someone beeping at us & had to pull over (the last time someone beeped at us we had lost our back panel w/license plate) our electrical chord had been dragging behind us.  The clip that held it had broken loose. Once Buster Macgyvered the chord we were on our way again.

We got as far as Socorro TX, stopped for the night at another LOVE's.  The winds were wild & the temperature dropped.  When we woke there was warning of a winter storm.  We got onto I10 & headed to El Paso.


We didn't get far into El Paso when we were driving into near white out conditions.  The traffic came to a crawl.  We passed SUV's & 4X4 pickups spinning out in the center lane & others who had spun off the highway into ditches.  It was a
MESS.  Since it was El Paso there were no plows or salter's to alleviate the road conditions so we pulled off the next exit into the closed weigh station.  We sat there watching the parking lot formally known as I10 trying to decide what we were going to do.  More drivers followed our lead & pulled off the highway.  The weather was not letting up & they were closing down the highway so we needed to figure out how to get to a safe place.  After watching a small box truck maneuver over to a service road, we did the same.

  A Pilot truck stop was in view, but the exit to it was a steep hill that others were already stuck on or sliding down.  It was a MESS.  Buster managed to do a U turn on the tiny service road & we headed in the opposite direction to another truck stop that we could manage to reach.  Once there he Google mapped another route to NM.  SUCCESS!  We made it to NM & back onto I10 which was looking pretty clear... until we passed under an Amber Alert sign informing us that I10 was CLOSED from Las Cruces to Lordsburg & to seek local accommodations.  So we drove to Las Cruces, saw a Wal Mart & pulled over.
We got some snackage & took a nap.  When we woke up later that afternoon the highway was re-opened.  It wasn't long before we were down to one lane due to lack of snow removal & INS.  The sun was setting.  The temperature was dropping.  We hit a patch of ice & OMG... I thought this was it, but angels were watching over us & we made it across.  We decided it wasn't worth it to try to make it that night, so we pulled off the road in Deming NM.  The temperature continued to drop & we had no way to plug in to use our space heater, so we all bundled up (even the dogs) & got under the covers for the night.  The temperature dropped into the low 20's, but we managed to keep warm.  We woke up to snow & a closed highway.
 We decided we'd make the best of it, got coffee & hung out in the trailer reminiscing about our trip.  Early in the afternoon the temperature started to rise, the highway opened up & we were off again.  ARIZONA HERE WE COME!  We were so excited to reach the boarder we pulled over & took a picture of the sign.  It wasn't long for the scenery to change to desert views... real desert views... the kind w/out snow:)  Less than 10 minutes from the house our low gas light went on, but we got there!

AZ~  The temperature was in the 60's & we pretty much passed out once we got to the parents house.  The next day was Christmas, so we decided to not do anything but enjoy family & food that didn't come out of a take-out box.  Well just like the opera... it's not over until the fat lady sings & apparently she still had an encore.  A stray dog kept circling Buster as he was trying to drive down the service road to the back of the house where we were to park. At one point he got out of the Jeep to shoe the stray away & it jumped into the Jeep. We tried chasing the dog, but she kept running past us back into the yard. We finally got her to git & Buster was able to back the trailer in. Once he had her parked, he un-hitched & went to drive back to the front of the house... he had company all the way, but this time she left once he parked the car.

We are now settled in, looking for employment & so glad we made it.  It was a LONG drive & I truly believe we were being watched over. 


Midnight Diner, NC

I've had them 3 times now. All w/in the last 2 weeks:) My mouth waters for them now, but we leave in the morning. No more CHICKEN & WAFFLE until Spring. mmmmmm Spring *blog post written 12/19/11 but due to technical difficulties, it did not publish until Christmas.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

menopauses in life

So here I sit... in the warehouse.  It's Saturday & there are no jobs today.  So it's pretty much just me & a bunch of crates. (the hubby & boys are outside in the trailer, I'm taking me time, filling the warehouse w/the sounds of Glee:)  I've been having the weirdest dreams lately.  I should have noticed the signs & the date, but w/all the moving I wasn't paying attention.  So needless to say I shouldn't have been surprised when I began to ball when I realized that last night I had accidentally put the cooler into it's heater mode instead of cool.  Woke up to warm cheese, warm condiments & warm leftovers.  I sat there on the trailer floor... balling.  How could I be so stupid.  I've now wasted (or so I thought in my moment of distress), a whole bunch of food.  Thanksgiving leftovers & other items left to feed us through the weekend.  The hubby came in, saw me in my disheveled mess & asked why I was so upset.  I told him I ruined all our food... that I plugged the cooler wrong & now everything was RUINED.  He (not on the rag going through menopause... ie:  level headed), told me that it was nothing to cry over.  I of course retorted w/a 'Well I'm broken!' snap & continued my sobbing.  He then told me that it wasn't ruined, it was just warm.  It'll be fine.  Somehow that was all I needed to hear to snap me out of my stoop.

These are my menopauses in life.  I don't enjoy them.  I feel utterly out of control & the slightest wrong doing upsets me beyond belief.  But they are part of life.  I know many women take drugs to control their menopausal moments, but then they miss out on such comedy.  I mean really.  If you could have seen me on the floor.  You would have thought that I just witnessed a murder or something severe.  The fact that my husband can look at me in such a state & still love me.  He understands.  He may not ever understand the amount of pain one feels in their uterus, but he is sympathetic.  Of course he is a bit grouchy first thing in the morning... but so am I:)

So here I sit... in the warehouse.  I've passed another menopause in life.
Until the next one~

Friday, November 25, 2011

a SMURFY Thanksgiving

We had a SMURFY Turkey day, got turkey breast ON SALE (hubby biked to store & got us a FEAST for less than $30... we even have leftovers... gobble gobble goodness), he boiled up some regular & sweet potatoes then I mashed up the regular w/butter... we left the sweet potatoes in in chunks & drizzled them w/VT (we brought it w/us) maple syrup. I made a salsa w/what we had (OOOOOH CREATIVE) & it came out pretty good (one tomato, a small zucchini, 1/2 an onion, some olive oil, salt, pepper & 2 drop of sudden death hot sauce)... we also had beer & pumpkin pie!

It was a great day, the only thing missing was family. One of my bro's was in NYC at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade... lucky bastard;) He text me this photo later in the day, knowing my love of Smurfs. He might have even been the one who got me hooked on Smurfs, but I cannot remember. I do know he's the one who gave me the confidence to walk away. My condo was under water financially & condemnable due to water damage that the condo association had no means to fix nor did I. I was drowning in more ways than one. I tried all avenues for assistance, but after 2 years of negative response I was lost. Then I got a call from my bro. He told me even if I got help to save my condo, I would NEVER gain any value from it other than a place to live. If I was 20 years younger, sure, but I'm not. Walk away he said. So I did.

Now I'm living my American dream. We own our home. Sure she has no running water other than the leaks when it rains, her propane system is non-existent at present & she always needs a place to park... but she's ours. So a HUGE Thanks to my bro. He gave me that confidence I needed. He pushed me out the door & onto wheels... he's so SMURFY;) I'm thankful for having such a GREAT family & lucky to find someone to share them with who is a master at the grill:)

*SMURFY [adj]: something that makes you happy but its still blue

Monday, November 21, 2011

MAINE memories

We've technically been on the road now for 10 days. We left Maine on 11.11.11

Getting out was tough. On the 1st try out of our Aunts steep, narrow w/water on both sides, dirt, leaf covered driveway, the wheels started to spin. Buster had to back down the driveway w/RAQUEL un tow when he was 1/2 way up. He then had to go at her w/faster momentum so she would make it up & out. We all watched nervously from the house. He did it:) I was impressed, even more so after the torrential weather we drove through once out of New England.

We'll miss Maine. We'll miss our frog pond view. The daily duck wake up call & bird watching. Firefly hour. The fresh eggs from the chickens. The cows, even though they scare the shit out of me. Dog racing w/Vegas. Kid time (big & little) Talks on the porch w/the family & of course the family.

Until then Maine will probably be covered in snow (something I wont miss) I pray that not only we have a safe journey, but that those we left in the snow will stay warm all Winter long.

The photo in this post was taken by my cousin in Maine while we were all watching Buster on his 1st towing of RAQUEL. See you in the Spring cousin:)

I'd also like to publicly thank all our Family & Friends, without whom's help we would not been able to do this. THANK YOU!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

America runs on

Dunkin... & I am their poster child.

Well... we made it to NC. It was not all peaches & cream, but we made it safe.

Our 1st stretch of run was to MA, we still needed to attach 1 sway arm & put some things into storage. The sway arm was a bitch, it took longer than expected (even w/help) & ate several drill bits.

Since we were in MA we got to visit w/family. My cousin even sewed me up some curtains & I'm so glad she did. Living in a parking lot increases your need for privacy.

So the 2nd part of our journey was to PA. This is when the adventure really began. We had done quadruple checks to make sure everything was ok. You can never check enough. Well as luck would have it we still had loose ends so to speak. Somewhere in the Catskills someone flagged us down & let us know we lost our end panel. Yes thats right, the one w/our license plate. Told it was about 2miles back, we took the next exit, turned around & began our search. Luckily we found it, a little banged up, but found. We did more checks & then continued on our trek. A couple of rest stops later we noticed we lost a 1/2 of panel that covers the water heater. Since we had no idea how far back it could be, there was no sense backtracking. Once in PA, it was apparent that the wheel wells need to be sealed as they soaked the floor from the wet roads.

Wet roads... & so began the 3rd part of our trip. Not only did we drive through VA during torrential rains, when we were going through the mountains we hit MASSIVE fog. You couldn't see 10' in front of you at times & the hilly, curvy mountain way wasn't helping. My palms were sweating. I was so nervous. We had to put the flashers on just so we could be seen. Buster did an amazing job getting us through. We made it. We may have lost a panel, had water damage & are still living in parking lots, but we are in one piece.

The dogs got used to the travel & I'm getting used to only a couple of showers a week. We don't have wifi & that kind of sucks... ok not kind of... it sucks. Its not easy typing a blog w/1 finger on an iPhone, but at least I have that. Heck I have a whole lot more... I got family... I got friends... I got monkeys (dogs) & I got a roof over my head... a leaky roof (& yes, there are more leaks... AHHHHHH) but its a roof.

My apologies if my thoughts seem
scattered... I blame the tiny screen:)

The adventure continues... one finger post at a time;)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

my 11.11.11 wish

So tomorrow is 11.11.11, the day we were supposed to be leaving New England, but instead it looks like we'll just be getting out of Maine.  Not only has Mother nature been a bitch (really, I'm sick of her emotional distress & I'm done sugar coating it), but we've also had technical issues.  We finally got the correct hitch, but were unable to attach the sway control bars (they require drilling 16 holes & it's not something the hubby feels comfortable doing).  So we called the closest RV place, but they are booked solid for the next week.  Luckily we have found a place w/in a 1/2 hours drive North (go figure) that can attach them tomorrow morning.  We also have to get side mirrors so it's not a total loss.  So the plan now is to get her all set tomorrow & head to MA, where we will spend a night or two before we head South.  Until then we sit... in the rain yet again... tarp over trailer... trailer hitched to Jeep... waiting.

 A lot of people see 11.11.11 as a lucky day.  I hope it is for our sake, as selfish as that may seem.  I'm not a fan of snow (unless is drowned in sugary syrup & stuck in a paper cone) so my wish is to get the heck out of Dodge before Ma nature decides rain is not enough punishment for us residing on her planet.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the end of October

Time to turn the clocks back & head into winter... WHAT?!?  yeah no... That is not what we plan to do... although Mother nature & the forces that be seem to have another idea in mind.  It's already November, we've had our 1st snow storm & I didn't even score a bag of candy.  The weather has been raining every other day making it impossible to fix the new leaks we seem to acquire w/each falling drop.  Then of course it turned to snow for Halloween.  If Mother nature wasn't bitchy enough, we've got parts problems.  We purchased the hitch & sway control bars, but the hitch was not of the correct weight.  We called the parts place to see if they had the correct one in stock, but of course they didn't.  So we now have to wait until Monday to see if they have it in stock in their warehouse.  If they don't then we have to find the correct one somewhere else, return the incorrect one, then have the correct one installed.  The good thing is that the sway control bars fit either size hitch.  This did bum me out because we were planning on taking RAQUEL out on her 1st run this weekend & not sit in a chilly trailer waiting for the weekend to end.  (le sigh) To top things off, I dropped my iPhone into the toilet.  Good grief!  I am a living Charlie Brown.  The good news, ATT was offering a deal where you can get a 3GS for free as long as you sign another 2 year contract (why is it always two years... hmmmmm), so I did.  It will be nice to have a phone again.  I never realized how attached I was to it.  I use it to find out the weather, news updates, tweeting & to find my husband.  OH!  & we also put the bed back in.  So the weekend was not a total loss.  It's been nice living in Maine, but I cannot wait to leave.  I don't do snow well & I've already had enough of it this year.

So that was, is & forever shall be my end of October.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

news & cookies

The end of October is near.  Moving day is upon us yet again.  Mother nature has not been kind, nor was the 1/2 ass window job done by the authorized Airstream service center in NH.  Lets just say they screwed it all up.

I have yet to compose my disgruntled thoughts into a well thought out email to Airstream themselves.  We're not looking for a solution.  We have come to learn from experience, that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  I do however, want to let them know of the shoddy work/repairs, so that they will no longer send other owners to said authorized service center for such.

We are pushing the envelope of time.  A few more drops in temperature & we will be dealing w/Jack frost.  Not something we want to do.

Family & friends have helped us out tremedously.  My cousin has had GREAT response to my possessions I commisioned her to sell on eBay & we also have a place to stay while in the South that will also allow us to save up gas money.


Soon we will leave the cow pastures behind & trade them in for desert sands.

In other news~  I made a glorious discovery.  OREO's are available in a family size box.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

menopause me cookies

So if you haven't gathered by reading my previous posts... I sway from the curb of adventure to the menopause of life.

Why they call it menopause I do not know... meno sounds so small... so meno.  I feel more like a MONGO.  BIG & bloated.  Course that could be the tall PBR.  What else is a girl to do out in the middle of nowhere (OK, Maine is not the middle, but some would say it's nowhere), no car, just car chasing ducks, duck tackling dogs & some loud ass chickens.  I'm not even hungry (that's a first)... although I could go for some cake or cookies.  Is this what my life has become?  A massive craving for cake & cookies?  Or is this just a pause... a menopause of life.  I really wish the pause would pass... I've run out of cookies & I don't see any in my near future.

If you suffer from menopause & want to help another from suffering, please send cookies to:

the trailer on Rustic Pond
bout an hour up the turnpike

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Day

Its Spirit Day... a day of self-worth... LOVE & understanding.  A day to hold hands, {{{HUG}}} & be proud of being yourself.  

So many of us are stuck on image.  We think we should be what we see.  What is labeled pretty or normal.  But if everybody was pretty or normal it would be boring.  There would be no artists... no entertainment.  Life would simply be existing & not living.  I'm glad we have Spirit Day.  I'm glad that there is a day to show everyone that it's OK to be yourself.  That everyone deserves love & no deserves hate.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Two years ago I had a high paying job, a condo in the city & a crappy cell phone.  Today I have no job, a trailer in the country & an iPhone.  One piece of technology that has changed so many lives.  One piece of technology that is part of the happiness I feel today.  Happiness for technology.  Yes.  It keeps me connected to those I love when I am far away.  It helps me share what I see with the world no matter where in the world I may be.  It holds my memory when I am confuzzled.  It is my supplemental brain.  Thank you Steve Jobs.
RIPeace~ T 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

in the rain

Here I sit in Raquel.  It's raining once again.  Seems like it rains when I want it to be sunny & its sunny when I couldn't care less.  Why must Mother nature be such a bitch.

Speaking of bitches... I Skyped w/my mom today.  She's not a bitch... OK she can be... but in general she's quite a lovely lady.  It was kind of comical & I has wished I grabbed the flip vid.  (Watching mom squint at the computer screen from the web cam's viewpoint is priceless!)  More in the news of bitches... my best friend comes tomorrow for the weekend.  She too is not a bitch, but can be.  It's Mother nature who's the bitch.  She's planning rain for the entire visit... bitchy I tell ya!  I'm excited for the visit, but do wish we were going to have a nice dry night so we can toast marshmallows while discussing how to save the world from the evil clutches of corporations.  OK... we don't really get into vast discussions on economics... we usually talk comic books & chocolate... both of which could save the world.

This morning I was really wishing we had the bathroom in working order.  It sucks when you are drinking coffee.  Makes me have to pee a lot & that means a lot of walks in the rain to the house.  It's not far... 50'... just rainy.  The dogs don't understand.  Sanchez kind of gets it... he'd rather sleep all day when it's raining.  Hector on the other hand... he's not as bright... but he's so gosh darn cute.  If he were a chic he'd be a cute version of Snooki.  OMG  I can't believe I just typed Snooki! 

I've been watching a lot of HULU & YouTube.  So I'm now up to date, but a week behind, current events:)  So here are my questions:  
  • Is Palin running for president or is she traveling the country selling stripper poles?
  • Why are people so upset that Chaz Bono is on DWTS?  It's not like he's going to show his nipples.
  • How many more foods are going to be recalled until we finally realize that Twinkees should be part of a balanced diet?
& last but not least...
  • If the face of FB is Mark Zuckerberg, then who is the twit of Twitter?

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So as I was sitting about to enjoy some cheese & crackers that I just picked up at the Shop & Save... I realized I had had the cooler set on heat & not on cool.  OOOPSIE.  which got me to thinking about other ooopsie's.  Raquel ooopsie's.

After the hubby & I did more research/question asking on Air Forums... we found out that silicone is NOT something you ever want to use when in contact w/aluminum.  OOOPSIE.  I had recently put some on the smaller un-opening window corners.  I have since removed it.  Thankfully it did not cause any damage.  Unlike the hole that the authorized service center we had her at to get her windows replaced.  They did such a 1/2 ass job IMO.  We thought we were done w/them... I mean we are... but their crappy fix keeps rearing it's ugliness (they're oopsie's).

First we had the problem w/the large window, which has since been resolved.  Then it was the massive re-cleaning I had to do once they left their scraps & dirty paws all over her (seriously it looked so gross, partly I'm sure because they said a bird had got in & made a home).  Now it's a leak from a screw that I pointed out to the fix it dude that was missing.  It was like having a place to stick a straw to suck in fresh air (insert sarcastic snarl here).  They did replace the screw but apparently they never sealed it (which makes me question what they did seal since it seems they basically only replaced the gla$$).  It must had giggled loose on our trip out here & then fell out... just in time for Irene.  So basically along w/our other leaks we had to deal w/a tiny waterfall coming from a hole in our trailer.  I was PISSED.  But it was a holiday weekend & there was nothing we could do.  I was going to compose an email to Airstream, but so much time has already gone by & we have been doing our own work (full ass'ed) to fix all our leaks.  LOL... oh & to top it all off the owners manual they sent us was the wrong year.  That error has since been corrected, but yeah... what a bunch of OOOPSIE.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

post boring

I must be one of those people who's emotional health is effected by the weather.  It's like my brain is flooded with drippiness.  How boring... and that encrypted itself into a boring post.  I can't believe I didn't mention my melons.  Buster took a picture of them & we text it to a friend.  She liked them.  We enjoyed them.  They were not what we thought... I expected them to be pinkish in color... but they were yellow.  We thought they were bad or something, but oh were we wrong.  They were absolutely delicious.  So good we went back to the farm stand & got two more (they were buy one get one free!)  You would think one would get sick of melons... NOPE & now I know that the water ones come in yellow as well.  OH... the strawberry rhubarb pie.  I just love pie.  I can't believe I didn't mention the pie.  It didn't last long.  This pie was AMAZING!  Kind of on the splurging side for us, but it was so worth it.  The only thing that would have made it any more amazing would have been ice cream.  That is a luxury that will have to wait until we get a refrigerator & this pie really didn't need anything but a fork.  We got cheese's, chips, hummus, salsa & cookies.  It was like a holiday... oh wait.

Then the rains came.  And since we had gobbled down all the wonderfulness... I let the drippiness consume me.  I didn't even accomplish any of my online endeavours.  I wasted the day's away... dripping & catching drips.  Falling asleep to drips & continuing that cycle for 4 day's.  Now the sun is shining.  Hopefully it'll stay nice for a good 4 day's (what is this thing w/4's?) so we can clear off the old sealant & affix the VULKEM to stop the drips.  (see what I mean about emotional health via weather) The dream would be to get this baby off it's frame & do the entire floor over... but you can't live in a dream... OK maybe you can... but I kind of like reality... even with the drips.  OH sunshine... how I like thee on my shoulder... care to stay a while?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

order of things

No sense in putting the bed in before the floor & no sense in putting the floor in if we still have leaks.

So here I sit... drip drip drip... mother nature can be cruel... this time she's just teasing... we were very lucky during the storm... we are still very lucky... just drippy.

It kind of reminds me of the condo... drip drip drip.

We finally got the sealant needed for the outer shell.  I'll just be happy when we don't have wet floors when it rains.  No wet floors means we can put the flooring down & then the bed can come back in.

YAAAAY the bed.  Not that sleeping on the floor is all that bad... I'm just over it.

So I sit... drip drip drip... catching raindrops as they fall from the ceiling... at least my kitchen pots are getting used for something.

One more day of rain... one more day... I think I just heard another drip... sigh... gotta go~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rut be gone

Finally... a sunny day.  This won't be a long entry since I need to take advantage of the good weather.  I've been in a rut.  Letting the weather get me down.  Letting our finances get me down (which is stupid considering how many people are actually starving in the world & I'm here on the Internet).  Letting my unemployment get me down (I was turned down for LL Bean, didn't get called back for the grocery store & no word from ellen [I'd be such a good intern]).  Missing Buster (which is kind of selfish because he's working to support us).  I've felt very useless & unable.  The weather has not been helping... rainy... drizzly... damp.  I need to get out of my rut.

But it's finally a sunny day.  I'm going to take advantage of it.  I'm going seal the corners of the lower windows since the forecast calls for more rain.  I started to teach myself guitar.  I must say, it's not as easy as I thought (pressing the strings is rough on the fingers & some of the chords are difficult to maneuver), but I found some lessons on YouTube to help me out before I start on the books.

OH!  & yesterday I made guacamole... it wasn't so bad... no fresh cilantro... so... yeah... rut be gone!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

another rainy day

Another rainy day.  It's the 3rd day in a row Buster has not been boated for work.  I've applied to the two jobs in the area... one at LL Bean & the other at the local grocery store.  So far I haven't been called back for either. 

Since Buster has had a few day's off, he's got some stuff done around the trailer.   He cut & affixed the floor patch in the large hole we had near the nose.  We also got down to Brockton to pick up the free flooring my brother had for us.  It's a bit musty smelling from being in his garage, so we'll have to steam clean it before we can install it.  Even with the cost of renting a cleaner, it's still cheaper than buying flooring.  He also found out that he can register the trailer here in Maine even though his residence is in Arizona.  CRAZY. 

So there ya go... it's been raining... a lot... so we haven't been able to do much.  Murphy's law I guess... we have the time but Ma nature isn't cooperating.

~on a side note... for shits & giggles I applied as an intern for the ellen show... pointing out the fact that we could park our house right on the lot which would mean I'd always be early for work as well as be able to make ellen a fresh cup of Joe each morning... so far I haven't heard back from her either.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've never been so happy:)

I sit here... a year older... less stressed... less money... enjoying a delicious breeze as it flows through the trailer... yesterday was my birthday... it wasn't the best... it wasn't the worst either.

I can't really pick out the best or worst from my sporadic memory.  This year it was liberating.  I left the condo for good.  We moved what remaining items we wanted to keep into storage, taped the keys to the door & walked away~ (they are changing the locks tomorrow)
Then we headed over to a secret garden for a BBQ.  We got there quite late, but there were still burgers to be had.  salmon burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers & regular good old fashioned hamburgers (you could add cheese at your discretion)... it wasn't for by birthday, but it was nice to have some celebration amongst the work we had to do as well as visit with some friends.

Now I sit here... older... the stress of city life far behind me... a horrible credit rating to follow me for the next 7 years & a cooler filled with nothing but condiments. 

I've never been so happy:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

better than a tent or a cardboard box

So I thought I found the cause of the damp floor but B showed me that it was from the holes where the antenna used to be attached.  They were covered with tape but the tape was all dried out & letting water in.  So last night we covered the holes with a plastic trash bag (classy:) & then to solve our roof vent leakage... B put a tarp over the top.  He tied the one end to the curb side (the side with the door) & the other side he staked out so it wasn't right up against the windows.  Of course while on the ladder putting the tarp up... he got to see what the leak was actually from.  A PO (previous owner) had done a crappy job sealing the roof vent.  I got up there too & took a peek.  It was crappy all right.  You could tell they just sealed over old sealant instead of cleaning the surface & starting fresh.  Well that is a project for a nice sunny day... perhaps my birthday.  I'm not sure what I'm doing, but with all our leaks... we need to fix them ASAP.  We also have a few more items at the condo (now owned by the bank in transit to someone else or however they do auctions) & those items will be got by end of week... my birthday... kind of a birthday present to me... not getting locked out:)

Here is B taking part of the antenna off so we could affix a ghetto patch (plastic trash bag)... I had already made a tiny one (lower left portion of photo) for the actual puncture... made it out the bag from a bag of napkins (thank mom)... B got her all patched & covered right before the storm hit... it was nice waking up dry after a torrential rain:)  It was nice waking up in RAQUEL (even though we are sleeping on her sub-floor)... it's better than the tent... or a cardboard box.

*on a side note~
the local grocer here puts items on the discount near the end of day... so I usually go to see what's up for the pic-kin's (they usually have bananas & bread items)... last night they had ANGEL FOOD CAKE... so I snatched it up (almost had to go Brockton on another shopper, but she put it down... obviously not a lover of the AFC as B is)... got some strawberries (don't get all excited, they were frozen) & whipped cream... had ourselves a lovely trailer trash sac for dessert (strawberry angel cake:) I put bananas on B's... it was like a sundae w/out the ice-cream.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

leaks... they're just a part of life

wicked rains last night... had leaks in expected places & one mystery place... :(  suckage... & of course it's going to be raining all day so there is nothing that can be done at this moment to stop leaks... kicking myself for not doing the roof vents yesterday... instead finished sanding floor... which is now damp at the nose... ugh... such is life... (hears drip in bathroom)... & we have another leak.... ugh... this one is obvious... it's the window... not the glass which they replaced... it's coming from the top of the frame... (checks other window tops where floor was damp)... AH HA! but that still doesn't account for mystery leak because that window top is dry... (sits down to think about it... hears loud drip... investigates~ goes outside finds drip... adjusts rock guard & gets soaked)~ it is wise not to stand under a rock guard when you are lowering it if it has been raining all morning unless you want an impromptu bath... but I think I may have found my source of mystery leak... the drip was falling on a seam that probably needs new sealing... the whole trailer should get new sealing & it will as soon as we are able... the roof vents will get done on the next sunny day... hopefully tomorrow:)

the rest of my morning was spent sucking out water from the tent... which had a side blow in last night that resulted a little wading pool... thankfully the only box that got soaked contained waterproof items... re-staked tent & hopefully it'll stay dry through the rest of the rains

*on a side note... I Googled myself the other day & found the public notice of the auction of my condo... good thing we have a trailer to live in... leaks & all

leaks... they're just a part of life

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday... birth... Airstream

my birthday is Saturday... I want to go to the Airstream store.

I also want to see my mom (tradition:) & family... but I want to go to the Airstream store.

I want to share my birthday w/my hubby... he wants to go to the Airstream store as well.

We have been sleeping in RAQUEL for over a week now... using the tent as a giant closet:) we still need to patch the floor but are sanding it first... not as easy as I thought... but I get to use power tools... WOO HOO!  one of my brothers has some flooring for us... another plus... handouts are always helpful & I'm not so proud that I'll turn down a good thing.

I've posted a couple of videos... they kind of suck... oh well... it lets my mom see what I'm doing & that's all that matters... mom... haven't seen her in over a month... I miss her.

I haven't seen my friends either... I've been down to Salem twice, but both times was busy w/moving... that is something that I will no longer be doing.  Buster will get the remaining items & I will stay clear of the squat.  The bank owns it now. 

I own nothing... except the clothes on my back & some crap in a box.  Buster owns RAQUEL... technically;)

OH!  We got stabilizing jacks... she has no more wiggle... well only a little... I swear we are on a fault line.

Well that's my update... nothing much... just a lot of dust & empty beer bottles.

remember... Saturday... birth... Airstream;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Life is good in Maine

Growing up in Brockton gave me a tough skin (so I'm told) a street smart... not something that comes in handy in Maine.  It's rather laid back up here.  The boys can run around freely, although piggy monkey has taken off twice now so he gets the leash.  There is no trash pick up... you bring it to the dump yourself (we have not done this yet as my cousins beau has been doing the dump runs), and there is no bus beeps to wake you up in the morning... just sunshine & croaking frogs.
Life is good in Maine.

I have been a bit homesick... missing friends... missing Major burgers... but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

As opposed to my self incarceration in the condo... I can type my blog while looking over the frog pond while the summer breeze rustles the leaves... ahhhhh Nature's music.

There is still work to be done.  Today I must finish washing the grime out of the bathroom & get some curtains up.  Buster removed the fridge (it did not work) and let me tell ya... that was quite the task.  It was bolted to the floor, screwed to the cabinets & riveted to the wall.  It weighed a TON (well not really a ton, but it was wicked heavy... even for my Hercules of a husband)... so needless to say we are using a cooler that works as a fridge & for frozen stuff we are using Auntie Sharon's freezer... YAY AUNTIE SHARON!  Actually there is nothing we use in the trailer except electricity.  The lights work & the floor makes a nice bed... better than the tent:)

We will fix the sub-flooring this weekend, cover it w/some flooring my brother has for us (LOVE THE HANDOUTS), re-seal the lower windows & roof vents.  There will always be something that needs to be done... the bathroom for one.   That will be a BIG task... along w/replacing the sub-flooring down the road.

So there ya go... my update. 
if you want more day-to-day updates... check out (my micro-blog), there I post pics as well as re-blog other Airstream/green living posts that inspire me.

as always... thanks for reading~ T

Monday, July 11, 2011

love test

Well the move went well... & is still going well (we still have storage items waiting to be moved) but for the most part we are moved... in fact on Thursday I'll become a Maine resident:)

We got the old tile flooring ripped out & in the process found a hole in the sub-flooring.  UGH.  This, however, did not seem to phase Buster, he was expecting as much.  I was living in a euphoric state of hope.  Now I'm living in a tent.  It's not that bad really.  It would be nicer to be living in RAQUEL, but not with the hole (you never know what creature may be wanting to welcome itself in the holy entrance).  So we are doing what we can in the mean time.  Since Buster has to work during the week, I'm getting as much as the grime out of RAQUEL as possible (it's like as if she's not been cleaned in over 40 years), washing windows, removing unwanted window sills & keeping up with our daily life (laundry & chasing dogs). 

Everyday there is something to clean, fix, remove or change... but one thing remains constant... us.

I am thankful for that.  There is no hole, leak, break or imbalance we can't handle... this has truly been a test of true love. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the lee of the stone


RAQUEL has been moved to the lee of the stone;)
she is safe... but the road there was filled w/stress & anxiety... there are still things that need to be done... still things to be moved... including us... but as of July 1st... this is HOME SWEET HOME~ many thanks to those who helped make is possible.

Friday, June 3, 2011

my brief history

born ass first summer of '69
was drinking out of a cup at 6 months
did baby stuff from ages 1-4 (educated guess)
learned to do the hustle at age 5
had knife held to throat at age 6
started playing the piano at age 7
got punched in stomach by a boy at age 8
lost my cousin at age 9
changed name to Trez at age 10
sliced foot open & got 36 stitches at age 11
got 1st perm at age 12
got braces at age 13
then came HS (4 years of singing Madonna & Prince into my hairbrush)
ran away at age 17
came back before I turned 18
went to college
had my appointment w/Mother Superior
(yes... I was going to be a nun) but then... I lost my virginity... sorry Jesus
studied Theatre until they cut the program... switched major to math
started working for the mouse
became wicked rebellious & tore my way out of the box
drank a lot (by this time I'm 21)
left for FL... ROAD TRIP
eventually got transferred to the parks
got proposed to in front of Cindy's castle... said yes (PRESSURE)
moved to Canada
got married
moved to FL
got divorced
turned 30... kissed many
experimented with drugs... interesting... lucky
went to Europe... saw London, Rome & Milan
made out with an Italian in a garden gazebo in Milan... broke language barrier
came back to states... robbed some cradles
left the mouse
moved to OH & lived with friends
moved back to MA & lived with Mom
then I met Buster:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

caving in to get out

Stay strong (aka:  stubborn) or cave in.

I caved.
I reached out & asked the help of the ones I detest the most.
Those whom I feel the world might be a better place without.
I asked a lawyer.

I had to do it.  The condo is in foreclosure, but they keep sending me new re-modification applications (the original one they approved was only for one of my loans, increased my monthly payments & was kept in my maiden name... WHATEVER).  The city is looking for tax money on the property (which they have valued at a far, FAR cry above what it's actual value is), the association is looking for condo fee's (we've been paying the same amount for 2 people while the other units have had 4 or more each... hmmm... but we still owe them money & that is making our living here very tense), and the IRS would also like piece of this non-existent money pie.  So... hi ho... hi ho... it's to seek out a lawyers help I go.  I just don't want to walk away  & then have this ugly giant cloud of debt dooming over me for the rest of my bad credit labeled life.  Sometimes you've got to cave in to get out.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I just don't know.

It's Friday... payday... the most depressing day of the week... @ least that's how I feel.  But I don't want to 'poor mouth' as my pops would say.  I'm wealthy in riches money can't buy.  I have an incredible family, friends & the best husband on the planet. 

It's a funny thing, my husband & I.

We met online... on a pagan website.  It was called the Witchvox.  I had just moved back to Massatucky after a long stink of being a gypsy.  Raised in a strict Catholic family.  I ended up with a curiosity about life that went beyond the steeple.  So I decided to find what is out there on my own... seek my own faith outside the box.  That's when I met Buster.  He was kind of doing the same thing.  It wasn't long after our 1st date that we moved in together and the next thing you know we were barefoot on the beach getting hitched.  We created our own service and had it officiated per MA law.  It was a non-denominational ceremony.  There was no vow of faith, other than to each other.


I don't have it in the sense that most do.  It's hard for me to accept that the lord (an entity I have not accepted as most believe) let alone have faith that this entity will provide.  I have faith that if I'm a jerk it's going to come back to me three fold.  But that is more Karma than what most would call faith.  We both shared a similar belief in this matter.  We held no faith that excused us from worry.  There was no sense of everything would be OK.  Working hard and getting nowhere, the stress was taking it's toll.  I would often freak out over finances and how we were going to make it.  Then one evening, while we were sitting in the kitchen and I was having one of my freak outs, worrying about the future... He looked at me and said, "Don't worry.  I know this sounds crazy, but I found Jesus and he will provide."  I was a bit shocked, I didn't know what to say.  Where did this come from and was he serious... he looked serious... he looked... calm.  Has he really found Jesus?  What does this mean?  I started to freak out again (this time only on the inside).  I just sat there , calm on the outside, but confused as hell on the inside.  I look into his eyes filled with this new found faith, and said, "OK".  He smiled.  I felt relieved the conversation didn't go further and added this new configuration to my worries.  Trying to make sense of it all and figure where this left us if we now shared different beliefs.

How is it when we find ourselves at our worst he has found such a powerful force to believe in?  Will I be able to find such a faith in this lord Jesus?  I feel such a distrust when it comes to JC.  I don't know how or when I lost it or if I really had it to begin with, but we often talk about faith.  Now, every once in a while, he'll read me a passage from the bible if it's fitting.  Not like he's shoving it down my throat.  I'm too stubborn for that.  He's just sharing what he believes, and I share with him my disbelief.  Then when I am sobbing over the thought of tomorrow, he is calm.  The lord will provide, he tells me.  And somehow we're provided for.  How I don't know.  It's not like our troubles go away, but we always seem to end up with just enough to get by.  So I'm really torn.  I'm thankful for the blessings, but I am lost to understand or believe where they all come from and why now.  Why when I'm at my most convinced there is no such thing as god, I'm led to question his (or her, because that part I'm not so sure about either) existence.

So it's back to faith.  His strong faith seems to be carrying us through and it's holding my virtual hand telling me not to worry.  The lord will provide.  I take a deep breath and try to understand.  Perhaps it is not meant for me to understand and that's the problem.  Maybe that's what faith is. 

I just don't know.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

good to the last drop

So recently we ran out of oil... we had no hot water & no heat (good thing it was 40 something outside & both of us had already taken showers) we didn't even know until the downstairs neighbor told me (it's a shared utility w/the association) but yeah... gets me thinking... when we are finally in RAQUEL we need to look for alternate forms of energy (something we want to do anyways... live solar) not only would they be better for the environment but they will also save us oodles... oil may be good to the last drop but it's WICKED expensive!

In other news (insert cricket sound here) JK... well not really... I don't really have much news to tell... I did finally hawk my engagement ring from the X (what a GREAT feeling... it had been collecting dust for over a decade) we celebrated by going to Majors... what a GREAT way to get rid of a sour memory... turn it into something you can enjoy... Hickory ribs & beer... good to the last drop:)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thanks mom

Well it's April fools day... & it's slushing outside... yes slushing.  Slushing is not quite snow, not quite rain, it's some kind of frozen nastiness in between, wicked heavy to shovel & quite frankly it sucks.  But I'd rather deal w/slush than tsunamis & earthquakes... my heart still goes out to Japan. 

While I was walking the boys in this lovely weather I started to think about our walk the other day.  While on our morning walk, the corner neighbor had her pooches out.  The aroma of cheap perfume waft around me as one of her dogs ran across the street to say hello.  Apparently it's the owners way of masking the dogs menstrual scent... it didn't work.  (I really didn't appreciate being pounced on by a bitch in heat) ICK! 

We also stopped to say hi to Mr. D (he's the old farmer/fisher dude that lives down by the water) he told us stories about when his mom used to have the whole yard filled with gardens.  (She had 8 children & lived into her 90's)  He said they grew everything... snow peas, cabbage, tomatoes, spices & herbs... "wherever you see grass she had something growing" he said.  Sanchez loves Mr. D.  He gets all excited if Mr. D's outside as we are coming down the street & tries to talk to Mr. D (in his doggie way)  I'll miss hearing Mr. D's mini stories when we leave, but I'll be glad to leave... slush... really?

Well it's better for us that it's slushy today & not yesterday.  Not only did I get to have a nice walk with the boys (we were up so early we caught the sunrise so pink & pretty)
but Buster was able to do his job without having to deal with this crap.  He had a really long day, but his customers were groovy people.

Today is not groovy... it's gross out... it's April fools day & Mother nature is making sure we know it.  Thanks mom.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

paper trails

Well we're still not entirely passed this latest road block. 

The United States is not so united when it comes to vehicle registration.  Trailer registration to be exact.  Since RAQUEL is over 40 years old, the state of Massachusetts doesn't require a title when they consider a vehicle vintage... RAQUEL is considered vintage.  They only require a bill of sale.  Problem is we're not registering her in Massachusetts we are registering her in Arizona since that will be our home base.  Arizona wants a title.  So now we must follow a paper trail to aquire the title before we can go down the road to real life.  I just hope the scenery isn't as boring as the DMV.

On a more interesting note... Buster has begun the journey home with the TV.  YAAAAAAY!  While he was in Arizona he met the dudes from Million Dollar Road Trip.  He & pops got a tour of their Airstream.  How groovy is that:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

cha cha cha changes

Happy St. Patricks Day to anyone who wants to be Irish or Drunk... Happy Evacuation Day for those in Beantown... you lucky bastards;) & to those effected by the devastation in Japan... you are in my prayers:*(
text:  REDCROSS to 90999 if you would like to donate $10.00 to aid Japan via REDCROSS

Our nomadic adventure is almost on it's way... we will soon have our TV (tow vehicle)... she's going to be a silver Jeep (I've deemed her SOPHIE after Sophia Loren)... I think she's going to look sweet towing RAQUEL.  We still have other potholes to fill & a few road blocks to navigate through... but I am learning to be patient & eat healthier (I crack jokes about eating beans & rice, but they are really a good staple:) & I'm becoming more resourceful.

I have found out that face cream, if applied gently on a freshly washed still moist face, can suffice for eye cream as well (just don't get it in your eyes).  Older dish rags make great subsitutes for paper towels when cleaning more gunky kitchen surfaces & they're re-usable.  The Internet is a great source to update you on television shows, news, movies & the Red Sox.  The Public library is also nice (although I do recommend bringing hand sanitizer).  Best of all... it's almost Spring.  Lunchtime walks & just enjoying mother nature will be a welcome free activity. 

The one thing I am finding difficult is downsizing.  It's not easy to shred memories or to figure out which ones to save (for what exactly I don't know, but I'm saving them anyway).  We have items that will be going into storage, items going into the trash (recycling everything takes time, but it's worth it), items up for sale (some we're just giving away to friends, family & donation boxes) & then there are the few items that we can take with us.   It's not just a matter of what will fit in RAQUEL... we have to take weight into consideration.  We are extremely limited on the amount of personal items (including clothing) we can take.  We are talking serious downsizing.  The only clothing that will be going into storage is extreme Winter wear that I hope I never need again.  I'd say I'm storing my formal wear as well... but I only own a bow tie... & it's checkered... so I don't think that counts. 

We still have quite a bit to do... I'm mentally worn out... we've had so many ups & downs... even writing this blog about our future TV before it's here in the driveway is making me anxious... physically I think we're doing OK, healthier even:) but the mental stuff wears me out (the long crappy Winter wasnt' any help either)

cha cha cha changes

I feel like I keep repeating myself...

I'm turning into my mom...

how nice.

(personal plug... if your on FB... please visit my page Aluminomad & like it... TY... I welcome suggestions as I am still workin on a format for what the FB page should consist of)

Monday, March 7, 2011

a question of style

As I walk around my hood I am saddened by the amounts of trash tossed about.  It's Monday.  Trash day.  Recycling picks up every week.  It's simple.  You put your plastics, cans, bottles & paper into your blue recycle bin.  Then the recycle dude comes & empties it.  Voi La!  This concept seems to be difficult to grasp by the majority of my neighborhood.  Every Monday there are tons of garbage bags filled w/recyclables.  The city will not pick up these trash bags, yet the charming people in my neighborhood continue to toss them out every Monday.  If it's a windy day, like today, the bags get tossed about, tearing & eventually decorating the neighborhood w/pizza boxes, junk mail & milk cartons.  It's beautiful... if your vermin. 

I don't understand why people choose to be ignorant.  This is not bliss.  A trash filled neighborhood is not the American Dream.  Why do people choose to use such disposable items everyday.  Why do people choose not to recycle?  You don't have to clean the items before you recycle them.  Just give them a quick rinse.  It's not rocket science, yet so many choose to just dispose. 

What if you were disposable? 

What if God made you to just be used once, then tossed like a Dixie cup?  It would kind of suck wouldn't it? 

I challenge all of my friends & anyone who reads this blog to start recycling if you have not already.  For those of you who do recycle... keep up the good work.

Recycling is SEXY.
Tossing trash is GROTESQUE.
Which would you rather be? 

Friday, February 25, 2011

GPS the story

Good People Suffer... it happens everyday.  Mother nature's forces causing destruction, leaving people homeless & helpless.  Poor people seeking employment abroad to help their families survive this difficult economy... only to be sold into slavery.  This world is not the kindest place... yet.
 I don't think that I'll see the world completely change for the better in my lifetime (I think things are going to get worse before they get better).  But I believe that what we do matters even though we wont see the results. 

I wasn't always this aware.  I used to just see what affected me.  I didn't care where my food came from as long as it tasted good.  I didn't care where my jeans where made as long as they made my butt look cute.  I didn't recycle... most didn't.  Ignorance is bliss & it was the age of vanity.  Mirrors were everywhere, but I wasn't taking a good look at myself.  I didn't realize that my everyday choices were helping keep this world unkind. 

Well karma had her say & I took a good look at myself.  I was enjoying the sparkle of life... blinded by it's shininess.  It was like as if I sold my sole to the devil to have a decent life.  This went on for many years.  I got to work for the mouse in entertainment.  Traveled.  Had love affairs.  Had heartbreak (but lets face it... those can be good times too).  Traveled some more.  Partied my ass off (I still can't believe I'm here after some of the stuff I did).  Eventually I returned home.  Found true love, but I was still living a vain life.  I had some posh jobs.  Went shopping frequently.  Dined out often.  Landed at the top of Customer service with my own office, staff & business trips.  I even owned a 'penthouse' condo in Witch City USA.  One of my best friends, a professional artist, painted a mural on the ceiling.  Life was good.  Too good.  I was enjoying life but not doing my part... so karma gave me a kick in the ass. 

I lost my job when the company I worked for went out of business.  Buster was hit on his bicycle when we were out riding .  Not only was he in pain for weeks, but he lost work w/out pay & his tire was destroyed.   The condo went into foreclosure.  I tried everything to save it.  Refinance, re-modification, hardship & even govt assistance... I was denied all.  Unemployment eventually ran out & I still had not found another job.  So I accepted my reality.  This opened my eyes.  I had been living in bliss.   It was time to change.

I started paying attentiong to world news & not just entertainment.  I read labels.  I educated myself on organics, cruelty free products, sweat shops & free trade vs fair trade.  I began recycling.  I started watching what I was eating & stopped partying like a teenager (just a beer now & then:).  Reality opened my eyes.  Sure my situation of moving from a 'penthouse' condo into a 22' trailer forced some things upon me, but I'm glad for that.  I'm enjoying how to live life for what it is & not just for it's sparkle.

I hope that my journey of reality is not over.  By that I mean that I hope I find my purpose.  I want to make a difference in this world. 

Who needs all that fluff & sparkle... Good People Sparkle on their own:)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's been on my mind a lot... on my plate a lot.  I can't complain (although I'm really good at it) because up until now I've lived a very posh life for the middlish class (maybe that's why it's so hard for me to give up celebrating payday's completely) so to keep on celebrating I must keep on eating rice.  Rice is a staple for most around the world... Rice is also a GREAT baseball player who last year was finally inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame & so my story begins...

It was a Saturday... we were being lazy & had crawled back into bed after walking the boys.  We were about to go back to sleep when Buster's phone rang.  It was our Buddy from Fenway... he wanted to know if we wanted to come to the game (to this question our answer is always YES).  He told us to get down there as fast as we could & he would meet us at the gate. 

We jumped in the shower... got dressed... hauled ass to the train station & caught the next inbound train.  Once in town we took a cab to the park.  We made our way through the crowd to the gate & were rushed up to the owners suite.


Not only did we have GREAT seats (right outside the suite over home plate), but there was a chef who was cooking breakfast to order, they had a buffet that they rotated throughout the game & of course there were hot dogs (the staple snack of baseball).  I felt like a queen sitting above the regular people eating chocolate cake off of a real plate w/a fork sipping a mimosa from a champagne flute.  This was the life (if only for one game).  This all because of Rice.  The owners knew they were going to be in Cooperstown NY for the day, so they offered they suit to their staff & family.  We were lucky enough to be considered as such. 

The day continued with surprises (most of which I have been sworn to secrecy) & will forever be one of the best day's of my life.  So you see... I have had some poshness.  Eating an extra dish of rice here & there to survive these hard times while still having a bit of fun isn't so bad... rice has been good to me in many ways. 

This has been my story of Rice... I hope you enjoyed it:) if you did, let me know & I'll tell you more of my crazy, sometimes posh, but never a piece of cake life... mmmmm cake... I wonder... can you make cake out of rice?

park this

February is coming to an end... YAAAAY!

We have come to yet another dilemma in our adventure. We expect to have RAQUEL back w/in the next two weeks. Now the problem is where are we going to put her. My fabulous idea of helping my Aunt out was quickly snubbed by city regulations (parking it there could get her fined... so scratch that idea). Campgrounds don't open until April & we still have March to get through.

So not only are we void of a tow vehicle (the thought of having to get a credit card just to become existent in the credit world is absurd)... we have no parking spot. Am I worried... not really. We've been through worse & this is only a minor road bump. It's not like we are stuck in a natural disaster, starving (although spaghetti is looking good right now), nor do we have disfiguring diseases (vanity sits upon my face)... we are doing pretty good considering the economy.

So that's where we're at. Buster has the month of March off & we will be packing it all up before the green beer flows.

until then... the question is... where we going to park this?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a wonderful thing

I feel overwhelmed with emotions lately. I know a lot of it is depression & the lack of chocolate. But a lot of it is just a new awareness of what life really means. It's not fancy clothes, diamond rings, fast cars & electronic gadgets (although I don't know what I would do w/out my iPhone)... it's family, friends, kindness to strangers & being aware of whats going on in the world.

Awareness is a wonderful thing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Watch out!

It's February... old man winter has been breathing down hard on us & his breath stinks!

It's been a struggle, living paycheck to paycheck, creating many rice dishes, eating a lot of beans (I think I'm getting healthy by default). We also put a few items up on Craigslist in hopes to aquire more funds... so far no bites.

I've always been one to believe things happen for a reason. Last week my Godfather/uncle passed away. This hit me hard. He was the 1st in my parents generation to go. It's a hard dose of reality when those of your parents generation start to pass. Makes you realize that life is short & family is everything. If we had left according to plan... we would not have been here for the family & that would have made me very sad. And sad doesn't go well with rice.

Friday is payday. Buster will make another payment toward the work done on RAQUEL (he's been working every change he gets). We will be moving into her come March weather or not we have a tow vehicle. Where we will park her for the month of March is still under question (campgrounds don't open until April)... April... Dad is coming here in April. So again... things happen for a reason. Since one of the main reasons to head to AZ was to spend more time w/him.

So yeah... plans are moving slow, but they are moving forward. Despite all of our current road blocks & potholes... I am thankful. We are weathly in love, family & friends. We may eat a lot of rice & pasta over the next two months, but @ least we have rice & pasta:) There are so many people in the world who have less than that.

So in closing... I'd like to say thank you to all who have helped us out in every way. We will make it... we will cross the country... I will dip my toes into the Pacific ocean. Just not sure when.

West coast... watch out!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

a dream is born

I was born in the summer of 69... my parents had already planned their summer camping trip & they weren't about to change it just because they had another kid. My dad was a carpenter... so he took one of the fold out beds in the pop-up (tent trailer) & crafted it into a fold out crib... genius. I was 2 weeks old on my 1st camping trip.

Although camping with Dad ended when he re-married (his new wife was not the camping type)... camping continued with Mom & her new husband (who was the camping type).

Every summer we would go to a different historical location & camp there for almost two weeks (the length of stay depended on how long it took us to get there & if my step father liked the campground). We went to Gettysburg, Washington DC, Cooperstown NY (Baseball Hall of Fame) & we even saw The Old Man of the Mountain. We also went to camping shows. This is where I fell in love & began to dream the not so impossible dream.

It was a tiny little bubble trailer, but I was tiny so it was perfect! It had a tiny kitchen with a cute dinette, a bunk bed & mini bath. I grabbed the flier & took it home with me. I tucked that flier under my pillow every night (in hopes that my dream would come true)... until the next summer... when we went camping in VA & I met a boy. My dreams then switched gears & I forgot about my dream of owning my tiny bubble home... I now dreamed of having a boyfriend.

Long story short... many years, dreams & boys later... my bubble dream came back when the hubby & I spent a night in a vintage trailer. We found a dream we both shared. A dream conceived when I was just a baby... forgotten as I grew through life, remembered while I was feeling love & now given birth by circumstance

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sacrifice w/out squinting

is giving up eye cream a sacrifice?

that along with the face cream ran out... so to save on expenses (sustinance beat out soft smooth skin) we went for the cheapest cruelty free face cream & it'll have to double for both... I'm doing my best to stay stress free (as wrinkles are a luxury I cannot afford;) but it's hard when you know your going to be heading into the sunset, you have no idea how but you must & you have to do it without squinting

22' of life

there aren't any new updates on RAQUEL... other than we still don't have a tow vehicle... we're working on it... yeah... working on it... Buster has been working... everyday... trying to get as many hours in as he can before we have to leave... it's not a matter of if... it's a matter of when & HOW... while he's been working I've been slowly going through our belongings... shredding old memories (there is no room for such in 22' of home)... the amount of clothing I have for Goodwill is enough to open another store... one thing has become apparent... we have too much crap... collections of this & that... I need them Picker guys to just come by & pick pick pick... then the cleaning show can come by & tell me what a slob I am, forcing me by pure embarrassment to haul ass with a broom... but in this reality there is no show... just a slobby pack rat trying to shove her 41 years of life into 22' of life... will it fit

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

anxiety adventure

so after giving myself the weekend to cool down from the anger I felt over RAQUEL'S window work, I wrote an email to Airstream... this wasn't the best idea (especially since I did hit send before taking w/B)... it also would have been nicer to speak directly w/the tech dude, but my faith in the service center was tainted & I just didn't trust them... when all was said & done, an apology was made & the cost of the window will be taken off the next bill... TG! because the next bill is going to be wicked.

The good news was that the axle & tires are still good... she needs breaks, outside lights, some hitch stuff & her bearings packed... after which she will be legal & safe to tow... we are looking into a rental to get her across country & take it from there... I think whoever said adventure was exciting never had anxiety... or perhaps they were plastered & got the two mixed up