Thursday, December 30, 2010

pain in the glass UPDATE

*the Airstream service dude (the tech... the fixitnow guy... not Mr.F) called us to inform us of our hitch size... which means they're looking @ her & hopefully getting things done... hopefully not a whole hell of a lot has to get done... time & money are running thin... ick... so is my hair... stress is not a good thing

pain in the glass

So after several emails & a VM w/no response... we drove to the authorized Airstream service place to pay monies towards the windows (3 new ones & the installation of 4, since we had the one original pane of glass:)... well not only did Mr.F (who no longer works there, yeah, found that out too) order 4 new windows, he had the tech install them all the while the original sat on the front sofa... clear as day... no cracks... just needed new hardware & installation... so after we informed them of their error, they offered to remove the new one, install the orig & see if Airstream would take the new one back... but what sense does that make... it's a waste of time & a PIA when we need other things done that were also left by the way side by Mr. Idontworkhereanymore... we didn't make any demands (yet) but we did let them know that this needed to be resolved & ASAP... I say they seal the non-opening lower windows for us & do the inspection in lieu of them un-then re-installing the window or knock the cost of the window off of our remaining balance... something geesh... frustrations... it's not the techs fault (he was following directions of a dude that was on his way out the door, didn't give a shit & didn't check the work once done... not impressed) so not only has time been wasted, requests have been left unfulfilled, 4 new windows were installed & we are out the cost of the most expensive window that we didn't need or want... @least I have it clearly documented what we wanted w/photos to them so it's just a matter of how we will get unscrewed the monies for the unwanted pain in the glass

Friday, December 3, 2010

Giants + clocks = patience

Time... we need more of it... want less... and fly through what we have... we still do not know how much we owe for completion of windows... we haven't heard from Flanders (the Airstream dude) since before Turkey day... I just hope he get get RAQUEL back to us by Christmas... we don't need her to be fancy... we just need her to be a safe, legal, tow able shelter for now... what we really need are answers... OK... answers & a truck (can't tow RAQUEL by bicycle, although Buster would like to try)

My anxiety keeps building... people asking when we're going... are we having a Bonn-Voyage (already in the works but seems kind of mute when we still don't know for sure if we'll be on route New Years day)... daily life has it's costs & our current bills help keep the bank account low... it seems like we've hit a wall... a giant clock wall where we have to find our way around the hands of time before we can take another step out into the deep unknown (I'm actually looking forward to this... the deep unknown part not the stepping part... the stepping part is the waiting part)... I'm not a fan of waiting but we have to wait... waiting sucks... sigh

Not only are we waiting on Flanders... we are now waiting on the Giants... Buster had the talk & answers won't come for a week... so we wait... continuing with everyday life... working to survive... dreaming to live... patience is a virtue that has been thrust upon us.

I feel so blessed