Thursday, November 18, 2010

filling in the virtual potholes

for those of you who have watched '1968 vintage Airstream restoration nomad story part 2' on YouTube (click on the TVTrez YouTube links below to view vids)... you may be wondering why we are not the ones hauling RAQUEL... the answer is simple... we don't own a vehicle.

That's right... we purchased RAQUEL w/out owning a vehicle to haul her with... a slight pothole in our nomadic journey... but what is life w/out a few potholes... & we sure do have a few... not only do we not own a vehicle (yet) but living in Massatucky we cannot register her w/out a vehicle... like I said... pothole... but we'll fill that one when we get to it... right now we are wicked psyched about her windows... now we are just waiting on word of the cost as well as some other items she needs to be road ready (& by road ready I mean a tent on wheels that's legal to pull across country... hopefully not by 400 Sato mutts... jk... a truck or van will do just fine)... Santa are you listening?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

freaking out

The windows are finally getting installed & hopefully by months end we will get her back... then we have some more work to do before we can pack her up & vacate... how we are going to pay for all this & gas too is beyond me... I'm terrified... I know we'll be ok because we have each other & the dogs... but I'm still scared... they say to live in the moment (not really sure who they is) but what if your moment is full of anxiety... sigh... baby steps... baby steps... ... ... baby steps