Friday, August 20, 2010

time keeps on slipping into the future

RAQUEL made it safely to NH where she will have new windows put in, have her systems checked & become road ready (we are going to do all her cosmetic work ourselves)... Herb said she hauled like a dream... I know Buster is itching to do the hauling... in due time... we got to get a truck 1st... there is so much that has to be done... little time & money to do it... but we must & we will... what was once just a dream is now a reality & w/reality comes hard work... we've got to get our place cleaned out by the end of next month... then RAQUEL comes back & more work begins... the hours turn into days then into weeks & soon another month has passed... everyday life seems to drag & spare moments become sparse as change... will time be kind

Monday, August 16, 2010


Got email from Airstream that they will come p/up Raquel on Thursday to bring her up for the windows & systems check... we are so excited... we are also going to get to my cousins early (he was the one who towed it from purchase place to a safe spot... his spot) we're going to remove the smaller bed parts & folding table so that I can persuade my brother (a wood turner) to replicate the pieces... Buster's also going to take the hubcaps off so he can polish them up... & before we do all that we will be picking up the ORIGINAL fold-up chairs that Mr. H called to tell us he found... YAY VINTAGE

Thursday, August 12, 2010

window wonder

we spoke w/Airstream today about bringing RAQUEL (our 1968 'as is' vintage Airstream find on craigslist) up for her window installation & systems check... i still wonder what the windows will look like (we are missing 3 & to keep cost/timing low we are not replacing w/vintage)... things are starting to roll forward... YAY