Thursday, December 30, 2010

pain in the glass UPDATE

*the Airstream service dude (the tech... the fixitnow guy... not Mr.F) called us to inform us of our hitch size... which means they're looking @ her & hopefully getting things done... hopefully not a whole hell of a lot has to get done... time & money are running thin... ick... so is my hair... stress is not a good thing

pain in the glass

So after several emails & a VM w/no response... we drove to the authorized Airstream service place to pay monies towards the windows (3 new ones & the installation of 4, since we had the one original pane of glass:)... well not only did Mr.F (who no longer works there, yeah, found that out too) order 4 new windows, he had the tech install them all the while the original sat on the front sofa... clear as day... no cracks... just needed new hardware & installation... so after we informed them of their error, they offered to remove the new one, install the orig & see if Airstream would take the new one back... but what sense does that make... it's a waste of time & a PIA when we need other things done that were also left by the way side by Mr. Idontworkhereanymore... we didn't make any demands (yet) but we did let them know that this needed to be resolved & ASAP... I say they seal the non-opening lower windows for us & do the inspection in lieu of them un-then re-installing the window or knock the cost of the window off of our remaining balance... something geesh... frustrations... it's not the techs fault (he was following directions of a dude that was on his way out the door, didn't give a shit & didn't check the work once done... not impressed) so not only has time been wasted, requests have been left unfulfilled, 4 new windows were installed & we are out the cost of the most expensive window that we didn't need or want... @least I have it clearly documented what we wanted w/photos to them so it's just a matter of how we will get unscrewed the monies for the unwanted pain in the glass

Friday, December 3, 2010

Giants + clocks = patience

Time... we need more of it... want less... and fly through what we have... we still do not know how much we owe for completion of windows... we haven't heard from Flanders (the Airstream dude) since before Turkey day... I just hope he get get RAQUEL back to us by Christmas... we don't need her to be fancy... we just need her to be a safe, legal, tow able shelter for now... what we really need are answers... OK... answers & a truck (can't tow RAQUEL by bicycle, although Buster would like to try)

My anxiety keeps building... people asking when we're going... are we having a Bonn-Voyage (already in the works but seems kind of mute when we still don't know for sure if we'll be on route New Years day)... daily life has it's costs & our current bills help keep the bank account low... it seems like we've hit a wall... a giant clock wall where we have to find our way around the hands of time before we can take another step out into the deep unknown (I'm actually looking forward to this... the deep unknown part not the stepping part... the stepping part is the waiting part)... I'm not a fan of waiting but we have to wait... waiting sucks... sigh

Not only are we waiting on Flanders... we are now waiting on the Giants... Buster had the talk & answers won't come for a week... so we wait... continuing with everyday life... working to survive... dreaming to live... patience is a virtue that has been thrust upon us.

I feel so blessed

Thursday, November 18, 2010

filling in the virtual potholes

for those of you who have watched '1968 vintage Airstream restoration nomad story part 2' on YouTube (click on the TVTrez YouTube links below to view vids)... you may be wondering why we are not the ones hauling RAQUEL... the answer is simple... we don't own a vehicle.

That's right... we purchased RAQUEL w/out owning a vehicle to haul her with... a slight pothole in our nomadic journey... but what is life w/out a few potholes... & we sure do have a few... not only do we not own a vehicle (yet) but living in Massatucky we cannot register her w/out a vehicle... like I said... pothole... but we'll fill that one when we get to it... right now we are wicked psyched about her windows... now we are just waiting on word of the cost as well as some other items she needs to be road ready (& by road ready I mean a tent on wheels that's legal to pull across country... hopefully not by 400 Sato mutts... jk... a truck or van will do just fine)... Santa are you listening?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

freaking out

The windows are finally getting installed & hopefully by months end we will get her back... then we have some more work to do before we can pack her up & vacate... how we are going to pay for all this & gas too is beyond me... I'm terrified... I know we'll be ok because we have each other & the dogs... but I'm still scared... they say to live in the moment (not really sure who they is) but what if your moment is full of anxiety... sigh... baby steps... baby steps... ... ... baby steps

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So we made the 1st of 3 payments for the 3 windows & parts on order... installation should start by Halloween & then it's systems check to get her road ready... looks like we'll be going true nomadic style... traveling w/the seasons... hopefully not trying to travel through them... winter can be such a bitch

Friday, October 8, 2010

I wish money did grow on trees

we finally got word from airstream... $1,500 to replace windows (includes labor & parts)... then we still need a systems check (my guess another $1,500)... hoping we can do all that & aquire a vehicle to tow it all... can we do this all by Xmas... will there be enough time & money... according to the latest mail from the lawyers... we won't have a choice... money may not make the world go round... but it sure helps the wheels of life keep spinning

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

waiting for Airstream

It's almost October & we've no word from Airstream... I wrote them a quick hello just to see what if any progress has been made... still no word... last was they were waiting on options from the factory... sigh... I'm waiting to find out how much it cost to keep mother nature @ bay... in the meantime I have to get ready for company... an old Disney friend is coming to visit & we are going to see the Sox crush the Yankees for one last hurrah of the baseball season... hmph... how cool would it be to pull RAQUEL into Fenway Park... lol... I dream BIG

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1964 Leg-O-matic

we were so excited to p/up the orig folding chairs for RAQUEL... 2 Leg-O-matics circa 1964-66... free w/purchase of Airstream

Monday, September 6, 2010

generation gaps

one of my younger friends had asked what was going on in my life... I gave her a brief version of my story & welcomed her to check out my blog... after she did she said she didn't see anything about my new home... only posts about a car... confused I checked my own blog & of course it was just as I had posted... she wasn't familiar w/Airstream & thought it was a car... so for anyone else that is unfamiliar... copy & paste this link : into your browser... it will bring you to Airstream's® vintage models page... check out the 1960's section (1968 Safari) & you will get a better picture of what our new home will be

Friday, August 20, 2010

time keeps on slipping into the future

RAQUEL made it safely to NH where she will have new windows put in, have her systems checked & become road ready (we are going to do all her cosmetic work ourselves)... Herb said she hauled like a dream... I know Buster is itching to do the hauling... in due time... we got to get a truck 1st... there is so much that has to be done... little time & money to do it... but we must & we will... what was once just a dream is now a reality & w/reality comes hard work... we've got to get our place cleaned out by the end of next month... then RAQUEL comes back & more work begins... the hours turn into days then into weeks & soon another month has passed... everyday life seems to drag & spare moments become sparse as change... will time be kind

Monday, August 16, 2010


Got email from Airstream that they will come p/up Raquel on Thursday to bring her up for the windows & systems check... we are so excited... we are also going to get to my cousins early (he was the one who towed it from purchase place to a safe spot... his spot) we're going to remove the smaller bed parts & folding table so that I can persuade my brother (a wood turner) to replicate the pieces... Buster's also going to take the hubcaps off so he can polish them up... & before we do all that we will be picking up the ORIGINAL fold-up chairs that Mr. H called to tell us he found... YAY VINTAGE

Thursday, August 12, 2010

window wonder

we spoke w/Airstream today about bringing RAQUEL (our 1968 'as is' vintage Airstream find on craigslist) up for her window installation & systems check... i still wonder what the windows will look like (we are missing 3 & to keep cost/timing low we are not replacing w/vintage)... things are starting to roll forward... YAY